Work Times Registration 

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With this friendly module you can register your work times. It’s perfect solution that it helps to register employees leaving and entering their workplace.

What is useful – you have an option to extract your work times registration to Excel file (there you will see worker efficiency – historic workload and its performance for individual employees. By this you can find out:

  • how much the employee worked in given weeks / months
  • how long would this work take if the employee did it according to the standards assumed in the technology of making the products (to catch the weakest employees);
  • set the percentages assumed to those obtained in terms of improvement

But we have another article in regards to this.

Production Hall View – entering or leaving

When employee want to register his entering or leaving:

Depending on whether you want to check in at work or register an exit, a new window appears. In case you use RFID cards – without selecting anything put your RFID card or key ring on the reader.

Managers view – entering or leaving


As you can see above, also you can export this information to .xls file 🙂