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Production management software to manage production in machining / CNC manufacturing business

Supposedly it’s not the first time you searched for production management software – usually, it turned out that because of too many production options in ERP you would lose flexibility and would be forced to hire someone to fill out all required data…

We also know that due to many leasing contracts for CNC machines, usage of tools and last but not least, the costs of remunerations, you are still searching for something, which would help you to increase profitability.

Prodio is an answer to all your problems, as you can find all you need for your employees to know precisely what to do, when and how. The data is available at real-time, so you can make fast decisions to increase efficiency and simplify work.

Prodio develops every day thanks to feedback from:

  • A large group of companies (employing from 6 to more than 75 people) which produce individual / small series steel and aluminium elements;
  • Companies offering processing services as an outsourcing / reconditioning of elements;
  • Construction manufacturing companies producing elements to order;
  • Many tooling departments (you can read more about tooling departments here).

cnc program

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cnc obróbka program

Simple planning and calculation in machining / CNC centers.

cloud based manufacturing software

Perfect production calculation without the necessity to copy data from production orders 

You will get all necessary tools to manage your production and metal processing effectively: 

  • total lead time spend on a particular order, in comparison with estimated time (and spare time left),
  • actual efficiency of particular employees at production, divided by operations, including the percentage of completed norm, 
  • lead times divided into production time and machine preparation/changeover time,
  • optionally number of damaged pieces and the amount of raw material used,
  • any analyses, thanks to various xls export options.

Machine tool work divided proportionally and efficiently  

Forget spreadsheets / whiteboards at the production hall; thanks to canban style board you are able to prepare faster and more precisely plan of work for machines – especially including estimated machines occupancy in hours/ days /weeks …

Don’t be fooled by a simple form, thanks to clever modifications in the schedule you can incorporate:

  • divission into preliminary / finishing processing,
  • different types of mount / tool on the same machine,
  • preparation / changeover time.

All documentation and product parameters are in one place and you can share them wherever it is necessary


Transparent product technology in Prodio allows you to collect in just a few simple steps all information on product making process and necessary know how, the sequence of operations and estimated efficiency.

Apart from parameters you can add to products visualizations and photographs, technical drawings or programs to be downloaded for particular machines. See how to attach large files, without uploading them to a website.

To organize your production hall even better, you can print with one click technological guides containing all information about the product, which can follow the production path making work clear and easy – print a production order (technological guide with production orders and bar codes used to register work).

Simplify your “ISO 9001” significantly, and impress auditors!

Thanks to Prodio you don’t have to worry about majority of requirements regarding ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / Factory Production Control. It is possible to throw away many forms, product cards and paper orders – all you need is in your computer.

Because you can also attach PDF manuals and control guidelines, as well as photographs of potential production defects, you can really lower deficiency and the QUALITY  catchphrase becomes a reality. The time spent on training new employees is also shorter. 

As a bonus,  certifying authorities will be truly impressed and Clients positively surprised during audits, especially when their “SAPs”, might be very often 2 steps behind.

Read more on how to (click the link).

What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!

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Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Make the most of production technology module, adjusting it to your processing industry

To use fully a production technology module it is recommended to: 

  • set operations path for each product to follow,
  • tag operations requiring use of the same machine multiple times (ex. with the type of mount or preliminary/finishing processing),
  • attach  technical drawings and numeric machine program,
  • attach machine SETTINGS.

Register, where else the time is wasted, excluding processing

Technologist and machine preparation time are as valuable as a real production time, but they are very often neglected hence not monitored – and in your industry, this is a possible money leakage.

Make sure you add in production technology, a machine named “Technologist” and ask constructors, preparing machines software and technical documentation to clock it in/out each time.

It is also recommended to divide operations into SETTING and production time, to see clearly who is holding you back.

Use RWT module as a bonus: see how registration of employees check-ins and check-outs works and compare their attendance and machine working time.

Use printed production orders, even if you don’t use bar codes system

Cards with printed technological guidelines (see how to do it) can be very useful as products ID cards.

How to print it? Click the link.

Accept smaller orders and plan work, without going anywhere the computer.

Thanks to fully mobile access to software you can plan work and take photos directly from your smartphone, especially when it’s a small processing order. 

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

A particular element you produce – ex. distance.
When you offer processing services it is good to set up general products such as “final machining”, and add exact parameters in order details.

To analyse efficiency and plan work better add in product options a production technology.

Production plan – what can you set as machines/operations?

It is suggested to use machine MIX ex. FANUC 3-axis, and operations such as welding, final processing and quality control. 
TIP: Constructors/programers can be set as separate “machines” to enable following their working time.
TIP: Main providers in co-operation can also be set as machines, so you can easily trace the products.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying  and planning

Set a horizontal view and divide dashboards for a particular production hall.

Additional boxes, worth adding to your branch:

For a product:

  • Number of CNC programme
  • Tool used 

Additional TAG-s at the production hall and in the product categories

Changes such as types of mounting on machine and types of finishing (preliminary and final). How to set it: CLICK

What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!

Start 14-day trial
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