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The beginning of June and International Children’s Day is a great excuse to try and test a few new solutions. In Prodio we know that grown ups also like to have some fun, so we prepared for some cool features. There you go:

#1 Register work with QRcodes


You are free to choose the way you want to register work, monitor progress on tasks and track working time and attendance.

There are a few methods available at the moment: 

  • by using PIN codes, 
  • by RFID readers and key-fobs, 
  • by scanning barcodes with the reader (there is more good news: you can generate codes directly in the app). 

And now there is an additional, even more COMFORTABLE way to use your time tracking solution and monitor clock ins and clock outs. Using a built in camera in your computer or tablet you can scan the QR code automatically generated for each worker. It works analogically to key-fobs or RFID cards, but instead of scanning them, you can simply scan with a camera the code on a printed ID card. 

The benefits: 

  • change any device into a QR code scanner,,
  • anytime print new QR codes badges, with codes existing in the system, in case they got lost or damaged,
  • minimize the risk of mistakes – each ID card is signed with a full name and you can add a worker’s photo for your convenience 🙂 
  • less equipment around the computer at the shop floor – forget scanners or RFID reader – the built in computer or tablet camera is enough,
  • minimize the risk of “buddy-punching”,
  • QR codes become a more and more popular solution in different areas of life – by using them your company joins hundreds of modern businesses!

How it works:

QR codes are custom made for each worker and available in the bookmark Workers.

Watch the film to see how it works at the shop floor:

#2 Adding photos from the shop floor level


Some of our clients inquired about the possibility of adding photos from assembly or photos of already finished elements. That’s why we decided it is a very useful feature and enabled workers to add photos directly from the shop floor! 

The benefits:

  • you can see how the product looks after assembly,
  • you can create a database of most common mistakes and defects,
  • you have photos of finished elements, which you can copy later into the product database.

How it works?

When the worker finishes working on the production task they choose an option: Add a photo, then take a photograph with the camera and upload it into software 🙂 You can see it in the work history and of course you can save the photo on your drive. 

#3 Product photos on the production schedule:


To make work with Prodio as easy as possible! You often asked whether it is possible to see the thumbnail photo of the product on the production schedule without the need of going into order details. Now it is possible, and you can see which product is being made. 

The benefits:

  • you don’t have to open order details to see a photo of the product, 
  • your workers can find orders even faster, because of product photos on the production schedule,
  • you minimize the risk of mistakes, as the photos show your products clearly.

How it works: 

Go to settings, then switch this option on in the custom settings of your production schedule.

#4 Add photos to your workers profiles

The benefits:

  • it is easier to find yourself on the list, once you see your thumbnail photo there, 
  • you can add a worker’s photo to a printed QRcode ID.

How it works:

Go to the workers and then edit the specific worker. After saving the changes, the thumbnail photo will appear on all lists and on the shop floor.

#4 Automatic tips for raw materials

Workers don’t have to count how much raw material was used – the software suggests the amount according to set norms – they can either accept it or write a different quantity.

How it works:

Go to Settings -> Main settings, choose Production schedule and mark option “Raw material tips”

We hope that you will have fun testing new features. Let us know how you enjoy and use these solutions! 🙂



Spring is in full bloom and so is Prodio! That’s why we’ve added some new features in the first spring update. If you want more – read on! 🙂

#1 Break at work and registration activities related to production


Some customers reported a problem with the registration of production-related activities because, so far, it was not possible to include them in the system. Most often, they had to finish work on all machines, entering zero pieces, and then start working again. What was it about? Except that the performance has diverged – the owner had no control over the actual time devoted to a given job – and there were “holes in the report”, it was not entirely clear what the employee was doing.

A similar problem was reported with breaks at work: the employee went out for a cigarette or had breakfast – when the very ending of work on assignments was inconvenient for him. By analyzing your work history, where one day’s performance was okay, and the next day it wasn’t – you also had a problem finding the cause of such imbalance. Nobody knew why such differences arose.

What does it give?

  • You gain control over production-related activities – for your own analyses, you collect information on how much time employees spend on breakdowns, services, and unloading work to calculate labour costs better. You have a clear idea of who was doing what.
  • You can increase control over employees – how many daily outings for a cigarette are actually planned, how many breaks are actually planned – everything can be conveniently registered in the system.


Let’s take a closer look at the cleaning operation at the end of each week. At 2 p.m., employees finish their work on the machines and spend 2 hours cleaning up. Until now, employees were either imprinted on the machines all the time, which impaired efficiency, or they were completing orders, but this, in turn, gave two hours of gaps in RCP.

Today everything will be perfectly arranged 🙂 

How does it work?

Breaks at  work regardless of whether someone is registered on the machine or not, so you can easily record activities related to production. Check out the full tutorial or watch the video.

#2 Filters on the production plan


In some companies, the number of orders on the production plan was so large that there was a problem with their transparent organization. Besides, you often asked us if you can find an order on the production plan, e.g. by tags or other details that you entered when planning the order, or to display only the orders assigned to a specific order. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have used the option of filtering the production plan. 

What does it give?:

  • the possibility of displaying orders that meet the given criteria on the production plan so that it is easier to find them in hundreds of orders;
  • the ability to display orders scheduled for a specific period of time;
  • filtering orders, e.g. by colour or size entered in tags or notes. 

How does it work?

Filters are available on both panels: the manager and production panel views  – you can set your own for each view. See how the filter function works!

#3 Full personalization of the tiles on the production plan


There were many voices that the tiles are too big, that is on them too much information – not all the information contained it is needed. But it was also the same number of votes, and it should contain more of this information – especially on these tiles marked as waiting for predecessor. Therefore, for everyone to be satisfied, we decided to personalize both types of tiles fully 🙂 

What does it give?

  • Thanks to this, your production plan will look the way you want, and you can show the information you want!
  • You can see the selected changes immediately in the overview, and you can immediately decide whether it is good or change something further.
  • You can hide information that should not be seen by production and discover information that is necessary there.

How does it work?

See the differences between the tiles awaiting the predecessor and the general ones, and how the best to configure it.

#4 New view and functions of the job registration form


After comments from our current clients about which information is the most needed and should be more visible, we decided to compact the order details view and organize everything to make it even more transparent

What does it give?

  • The possibility to preview PDF attachments to the product
  • All important information about the product and order are visible in the central part of the view
  • The ability to hide the list of employees to make the view of what is really important would be even greater
  • allows you to view the history of execution and comments from other employees thanks to the timeline on the right side

#5 Other changes affecting the usage comfort

Take a look which features we prepared special for you!

  • Ending work on a production task using the upper list under the name of the machine – in case of a large number of tasks on a given machine, an employee tries to find production task on which he is currently working, sometimes had to scroll through the entire list – to make easier searching for a such order, we added the option of ending work by clicking on the line with his name and surname
  • the ability to arrange desktops according to your own order – now you can arrange the order of machines according to your production flow, which will definately help to keep order
  • changing the header color of the machine, if someone is working on it – enables faster verification of which machine is work in progress
  • the possibility to add a description to the machine – we often received questions about the tool, thanks to which everyone could easily see when the machine was last serviced, so we decided to add a description for individual machines, which will be visible on both management and production panels
  • adding machines from the production plan – to make easier the process of adding machines to the application. You can do it now directly from the production panel, without going back to the main program settings
  • zoom on production plan – you have reported often that you would like to see more machines on the production plan and vice versa – that you would like to see more precisely the information that is on the tiles. Today you can adjust it to your needs – zoom out or bring the production plan closer, adding products/orders/production tasks from the top menu – to help you configure the program. We decided to give you the option to add products, orders, and production tasks from the top menu and give you what is the most important in one place to always be at hand. Thanks to this, you will avoid wandering around the tabs and searching.
  • Collapsing machines – you see only what you need; you can easily hide machines that you don’t currently use. You have a view tailored to your current needs.

We know that the more you have, the more you want – stay tuned for more updates soon! If you have any questions about the above functions, feel free to call us or write on the chat – we will be happy to help 🙂

CHRISTMAS NEWS IN PRODIO – The inventory and the new production plan !!!

CHRISTMAS NEWS IN PRODIO – The inventory and the new production plan !!!

CHRISTMAS NEWS IN PRODIO - The inventory and the new production plan !!!


Do you know what we have for you as a Christmas gift?

A whole bag of Prodio gifts, and inside you can find:


  1. The long-awaited basic inventory module – now available in the BETA version, just in time for year-end inventories,
  2. New production plan – which you can also test now in the BETA version
  3. Two tools for better planning – Gantt chart and calendar (both as early test versions, fully functional until the end of January),
  4. New analyzes – early version (fully functional until the end of February),
  5. Regional settings and dozens of new small changes.

Detailed plans and the function development schedule, and specific dates, can be found in individual modules’ descriptions. 🙂


For your convenience, during development in a new version in the .getprodio.com domain, it works in parallel to the .prodio.pl version. All data saved in the old program version are automatically transferred to the new version and opposite. 🙂

Instructions on how to log in to the new version


In the browser, enter – subdomain.getprodio.com

Example: if your old address was supercompany.prodio.pl, now you are logging in to supercompany.getprodio.com!

The login screen will appear (also in a new graphic design) – to login, and we use the same credentials as usual – for both the management and production panel.

 the new production plan


New production plan with innovative Vue.js technology.

Here is the new production plan in all its glory 🙂

new production plan view

How do you like the new version of the production plan written in VUE technology? 

Ergonomic design to work faster:

The new production plan is a refreshed appearance of the application (which will be transferred to all other tabs), which will make it more pleasant to use, and the whole thing will be even more functional.

Super fast action:

As part of the new rewriting into a new language, it was too possible to speed up the whole action:

No more slow running of the program with a large amount of data and machines,


There is no reloading every 60 seconds, which makes you work more efficiently. Each registration from production is visible immediately with many registrations from production; the lack of reloading does not burden computers, production. It allows a large number of employees to speed up registration.


Advanced filtering:

Appeared the possibility of advanced and quick filtering of orders on the production plan.

new production plan view

Extra comfortable viewing and modifying orders from the side menu:

the new production plan option

After clicking the order, we can go straight to edition, where we also see the last operations that were performed with the order, we can view the history of raw materials usage without refreshing the page.

From the same place, we can also switch to the employee view, print the order, or manage its visibility.

the new production plan and inventory

New registration module from the production:


All the news about what we write about is now available for production workers.

Development versions of new get tools:

Along with the new view of the production plan, we presented development versions (we are continually working on them):


GANTT CHART for production planning.

To work, it requires that the given order has a given start and stop date. Planned completion of works: January 31, 2021.

 the new production plan ok

Calendar for production planning:


To work, it requires that the given order has a given start and stop date. Planned completion of works: January 31, 2021.


Analysis module for ongoing production supervision:


Thanks to this module, you can arrange any analyzes on an ongoing basis – similarly to pivot tables in MS Excel.

To action 28 January 2021.

new production plan views

Inventory module

We are already giving you the basic version of the inventory module, which will be gradually developed with additional functionalities during the first quarter of 2021.

What you can do now:


Inventory tab:

new production plan view

You can check the inventory of raw materials with one click, compare with the actual demand and see what has already been ordered,


Create and manage orders for individual raw materials that are needed in your production,


Orders tab with suppliers

new production plan view


as well as create and manage orders for individual raw materials that are needed in your production.




How will we develop this module soon?

 In the next – second stage, we plan to:

  • show the current consumption from production in the table with an inventory,
  • link the demand with orders from customers.

We plan to add these features by the end of January.


The third stage is being prepared for a great revolution – we will be rebuilding the entire list of orders in terms of the demand for raw materials. We give ourselves time for this until the end of the second quarter and the information on the list of orders regarding the delivery status.


In the meantime, we will also work on the inventory of finished products and stock adjustment, a hint of how much to buy, what and when, minimum stocks, and we will introduce semi-finished products as primary elements.


What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!

Start 14-day trial
Prodio helps Small Manufacturers to Survive the Coronavirus Epidemic

Prodio helps Small Manufacturers to Survive the Coronavirus Epidemic

PRODIO helps manufacturers during the coronavirus pandemic.


Over the past few days, many of you have contacted us being concerned about their small manufactures and the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic to their business.

We’re committed to taking care of our Clients and would like to take action to help them avoid heavy losses.

This is why we decided to support all Clients by offering them:

  • 50% reduction of their monthly subscription for 3 months (it applies to monthly invoices issued between 1.04.2020 and 30.06.2020. for the companies which subscribed before the 1.04.2020.)
  • For those who purchased annual packages, they should find their subscriptions prolonged for  2 months with no additional fee required (all annual packages purchased before the 1.04.2020.).
  • Individual solutions for companies in crisis (we will find a suitable one for you regarding payments, dates, the number of employees hied at the production hall,  just give us a call). The details you will receive in a separate email.

In fast-moving and uncertain situation, we all face questions to which we may not even have answers to, hoping to return, as soon as possible, to cyclical economic normality.


We’ve always taken great pride in customizing our software and as the aid offered might not be sufficient for everybody, please contact us for an individual consultation.

If you consider becoming our Client but are anxious to purchase a subscription due to unstable economic situation, please contact us to receive tailored offer, and bonus opportunities. We will be surely able to find a more flexible solution which would prove to be more beneficial for your manufacture in this time of crisis.


We want you to know that health and safety is our first priority. That’s why our team continues to work remotely and is always ready to address any of your concerns.


Businesses should be preparing themselves for volatility this year, but we hope that supportive approach and increasing the presence of online culture will enable to shift manufacturing strategies in the upcoming months. 

Stay safe and healthy.








First steps in Prodio – 5 minut manual!

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to help ?

Let’s chat (the right-hand corner of the screen)  or talk on the phone, call us: +48 692 450 815

We are happy to hear from you from Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 8pm

10 ideas how to produce more efficiently – a manual

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