Manufacturing software for printing house/advertising agency.

Considering the variety of orders, you would have to hire an extra person, as in a typical ERP, you have to make time to create a new product with each new project your Client has. It’s time-consuming and not very effective. 

Regardless of what you produce: calendars, promotional clothing, large-format prints, it would help if you had software to quickly collect information from Clients, comfortably check the progress and run the whole production process smoothly.

Competitors are right behind you, so time is precious. You can’t afford to lose clients and spend time and money on ineffective solutions. It is another reason to check the possibilities offered by affordable and intuitive Prodio software.

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  • bookbinders,
  •  clothes manufacturers/advertising accessories,
  •  specialising in large-format printing houses,
  •  advertising agencies.

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“Prodio helps to improve the production process. Our customers can log into the B2B panel to check the progress on their orders”.

Guido Vreuls Company owner

We have been using Prodio for more than one year, making work in our printing house much more efficient. Graphic designers can work much faster, so the progress on all projects is rapid. The communication between the sales reps and the shop floor has improved. We are also able to control orders and complaints. What’s crucial for me is that the implementation itself was straightforward. The workers could learn how the software works quickly, so they didn’t protest against changes.

Przemysław Company owner


Effective production planning and costs tracking.

Thanks to product templates, you save time, standardise work procedures and minimise mistakes.

The rule is simple – instead of creating a product for the same Client, use an earlier defined template adding only data specific for that order.  

This is possible thanks to any number of extra boxes, which you can add to your orders and products, and a possibility of attaching graphic files.


software for advertising industry

Every day employees can easily navigate among dozens of completed projects thanks to production orders with bar codes.


Thanks to the order printouts, which “travel” as the product is moved from place to place, all employees know what’s what – and registration of progress can be done using bar code readers.

This solution ensures the registration process is swift and takes no longer than a few seconds, and you have an active and updated progress view.

Check how to print an order.


You can import lists of orders from the external program

You can move the list of things to do (product, date, Client, due date) from your online platform directly to Prodio, thanks to importing from .csv files. It is a time-saving solution.


Manufacturing Software Features

Everything you need to run and manage a small manufacturing business

Online production planning and real-time progress tracking

From any place in the world with just a few clicks create a production schedule then share it via a web browser with the shop floor.
Communication between managers and workers doesn’t have to be messy or difficult.

Check out production planning module

Shop floor control and work in progress tracking

The workers register the start / the end of each operation, indicate the progress, and add extra comments using an easy online template.
You can view task updates in real-time, monitor key metrics, make accurate decisions and keep everything on track.

Check out shop floor control module

Orders and products management

Regain control over orders thanks to an easy online view. Track lead times and get optimal efficiency.
You see who’s working on the job, where in the production process it is, and if you are going to meet the delivery date.

Check out orders and products management module

Time and attendance tracking

Turn time into money, capture every minute of every day, prevent lateness, and never miss a second of chargeable time again.
See who’s on shift, who’s running late, who forgot to clock-in/ clock-out, and who’s on break.

Check out time and attendance tracking module

Products database and your company knowledge management

The more you use Prodio – the greater technology of products is created; thanks to that, new employees’ training process will be easier, faster, and the knowledge will stay in the company.

Check out product database module

Friendly inventory of raw materials and finished products

Control stock levels and material flow without hundreds of limitations as in ERP systems. Order materials straight from your suppliers in accordance with the planned demand. Keep your warehouse organized with barcode labels, EAN codes, and multiple warehouse management.

Check out inventory module

Get rid of paper ordersand track your production right now!

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Tips and tricks for your industry

Check how to customize your new manufacturing software

Prepare product templates; all that is left to do later – fill out customised client boxes.

For example: instead of creating a product and technology for each ordered business card 85,60 × 53,98, prepare its template, with whole technological process, operations, machines, and step-by-step procedures as well as expected efficiency.

When the Client orders an additional batch, you choose this business card, and in new boxes, add a graphic, special requests, type of finish or method of delivery.

How to add additional product/order parameters? 

Use accelerated production registration with bar codes on many devices.

When you move very fast from order to order, it is essential to make the whole process as easy as possible.

Print manuals with bar codes, which you put at the production hall – see how?

And use bar codes for registration – link.

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

The product template can be later personalised. Add technology to a product. It is necessary – the work will automatically be divided into a suitable machine. The templates could be ex—Leaflet A5 135g, Sweatshirt ABC XL – silk-screen printing or car wrapping. Remember, you can duplicate it to use later while preparing another order.

Production plan – what can you set as machines/operations?

Add all machines you use in your production (by name), products plus made-by-hand operations such as glueing, packaging, etc.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying and planning

Set up locks, so your employee won’t be able to work two orders simultaneously – see how? Use horizontal machines layout.

Additional boxes worth adding for your branch:

Wide variety depending on what you do ???? For orders: Type of finish (or other customised for your Client parameters) Path to files in LAN network Form of delivery

You may find interesting:

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Frequently asked questions in advertising industry and printing houses

1. 1. Is it possible for the one operator to operate multiple machines at the same time?

Yes, it is. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to register production effectively in your branch.

2. 2. Is it possible to include additional procedures such as machine set up or packaging?

Yes, it is. It is possible to create different technological sequences as the product’s technology part, displayed on the shop floor.

3. 3. While working on different projects Clients trust us with their documentation which is often confidential - is Prodio a safe solution?

We do our best to safeguard your secrets – it is clear that the future of our business depends on it.
In 90-95% of cases, data in Prodio is more secure than saved locally:
– connections to the web browser are encrypted,
– the server is located in one of the leading and best-secured data centres in Europe,
– in our company, only two people have access to complete data, and they have financial liability,

– together with security experts, we request a paid simulations of hacking and breaking in to assess and update the level of security,

– separate server archives data a few times a day.

We are ready to sign an NDA agreement upon request of our regular Clients.

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