Your first steps in Prodio

minutes, it's all you need to plan your first production, register a production order and test majority of functions!

Step 1: Add a product and check technology

In the left-hand menu choose “Products”, and next “Add a product”


It’s enough to write a name of product and click the box “Add”.

What works best is when you add a produced detail –  we recommend to add some photographs and other attachements (ex. PDF) , to be able to view things in  the same way as your employees at the production hall.

 Why is it worth to use the production technology:

  • for products with added technology, the machines upload to production plan automatically plan
  • it is possible to use automatic order marking for orders waiting for the proevious operation to be completed
  • it is possible to compare employees efficiency with norms set
  • you can use estimated production time and operations occupancy
  • you can targetoperations precisely with additional information / files

How to add technology to a product:

1 . In the product window click on ProductTechnology  ( if you wish to edit an existing product, just find it on the list by clicking a pencil symbol on the right side of the screen)

2. Add machines/operations to product with optional descriptions.

3. Fill  out with additional information and save.

FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions:

There aren't product parameters suitable for my industry ex."processing temperature", is it possible to add more boxes?

Yes, you can add as many boxes as you wish to each porduct.

How to do it: go to left-hand menu in Settings, next choose “Additional boxes”. Choose a green button “Add an attribute” and write the name of the box you wish to add (you can add any number of additional boxes). New boxes will appear for all new and existing products.

Can I change the default units in which efficiency is presented?

Yes, you can. Go to left-hand menu and “Settings”, next “Main settings” and there choose a dafault efficiency unit.

I have many similar products to add, is it possible to speed it up?

Yes, use product duplicate function. On the list of products click “Duplicate” icon – on the right end side, and a product copy will  be created, then you will be able to change only necessary data.

How do I use groups of products and is it necessary to have them filled out?

Groups of products are useful, when ex. as an advertising agency you prepare prints, pens, etc. use duplicate products function. On the list of products click “Duplicate” icon – on the right end side, there will be a product copy created and you can add any data you need.

Is it possible to connect other software to numeric machine and CAD drawings?

Yes, it is.

We produce machines / injection moulds which consist of many elements - how to add them in the software?

At the moment we are working on funcionality of multi element products, to implement such possibility as fast as possible. On the other hand there are many tooling departments which have dozen of elements ranks and are more then happy to use Prodio, considering the fact, that finally they are able to see total time used for making a particular product. How are they doing it?

1) A particular element is added as a product of a given device / injection mould (very often as a group of products to set the name for the device).

2) In order form, a name of a whole device is given as an external order number.

3) Above the list of orders, they use a switch “Group by external order number”. 

Grupowanie lementów maszyny po zewnętrznym numerze zamówienia

At the moment we are working on a simple products tree, which will be a bonus option for all active accounts.

Step 2: Plan work at the production hall

In  the left manu choose “Orders”, and next “Add an order”

To create your first order in the system, it’s enough to complete only 4 boxes:
  1. Number of order / you can check  it’s for your needs only.
  2. Estimated production time – so  when is the order due (and the software will automatically count the days down)
  3. Product, which you are gointg to produce (choose from the list or create a new product, write its name and press Enter)
  4. Number of pieces to be prodeced.
  5. Click Save an order.

On the list of orders find your added order, and on the gear symbol on the right choose “Plan”
Planowanie produkcji wg zamówienia

Next choose machines/operations used in the production process  – you can add some comments to test this function, ex. to pay attention to something or monitor a particular operation.

Production planning machines

If you already added a product with a technology it should now upload automatically 🙂

Next click Add

Now you can admire your first planned order at your production 🙂

Production plan orders

FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to use the names of operations ex. packaging, instead of machines?

Yes, it is. Machines in Prodio are only a contractual name and you should view it as a list to assign work  at production. 

Can I quickly create a produt directly from the orders level, instead of using Products bookmark?

Yes, you can. Add a product directly while creating a new order.

How to do it: while adding an order in the box “Product name” write a name of newly added product and press ENTER – the product will be created automatically. Later on you can edit it by adding extra information/photographs or technology.

How can I change machines order on the production plan?

How to do it: go to left-hand menu in Settings, next choose “Machines / operations” and on the list – in the collumn Order on the production plan drag machines up and down to change their order.

Is it possible to use twice the same machine/operation in production technology? And if yes - how to distinguish them to be easily visible on the production plan?

Yes, it is possible and without any limits.

A tip: If you ex. have a product, which is first processd on CNC machne, to be tempered and returnes to the same CNC machine for finishing process, you can set in system TAG-s  “Preliminary Processing” i “Finishing Processing”, to be able to assign them correctly in production technology.


Step 3: See exactly the same as what see your employees at the production hall and register the first production!

Open a different browser/ incognito mode, to simulate a computer at the production hall.
Your domain to log in, a password and a login you should receive in a private e-mail message, sent straight after your registration. You can you the same address to login from your mobile phone or other devices.

login production

“Check in”, to show your attendance at work!

PLEASE NOTE: It is much more comfortable to use RFID reader and key-fobs (then you don’t have to choose a name on the list of employees or give any PIN code). Contact us and we will be able to send you suitable equipment to test it smile

    Choose an order you wish to work on

Now, register work.

Repeat it a few times to collect example data for production 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: It is much more comfortable to use RFID reader and key-fobs (then you don’t have to choose a name on the list of employees or give any PIN code). Contact us and we will be able to send you suitable equipment to test it smile

FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I change both login and password for a production hall?

Yes, you can. From manager’s desktop panel go to Settings (left menu), Production view and there it is possible to change both a login and a password.

How many computers can I have at the production hall and if it is possible to display different machines?

There isn’t a limit regarding the number of computers at the productioin hall, you can even have more computers than employees – ex. by mounting a tablet at each working station.

What works best is to set computers in such convenient way that employees don’t have to walk too far to check things, ex. one computer at each end of the production hall.

You can decide, which machines  will display each computer. Create first a few displays (views) –  each computer has a different password and login, go to Settings -> Production panels, and assign machines to a paerticular panel (Settings -> Machines -> Edit and choose the right desktop panel).

How can I test RFID readers and key-fobs?

Contact us, and we will send you a free test kit – installation is intuitive and takes less than a minute.

Film about RFID readers:

What's the difference between production and manager'ss accounts?

Production account, is used to display a production plan at the production hall. It is not possible to create / modify settings, products or orders. There is more convenient use of RFID readers or check in/check out buttons.

Is it obligatory to register check ins/check outs in the software?

No, it isn’t. You decide, whether it is obligatory. If you don’t want to use it or have a different RWT system just skip it. Although we recommend to use registration to optimize your production (and compare lead times on different operations). 

Step 4: See, how to read production data easily to increase your production efficiency.

Go back to your manager’s account (to the window in the browser, where you had it opened)

Go to Production dashboard – here you can see who is at work – what is being produced and a history of all operations:

dashboard company

Go to Work history and see operations, which were registered at production, monitor efficiency and prepare sums easily thanks to filters above the table.

Operations history

At the end, to have a clear information at which stage of production is your order and are there any discrepancies between estimated and lead times, click a magnifier symbol on the list of Orders.

                       FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to download working history to Excel?

Yes, it is. A comlete working history of production operations you can download at any time and save as a .csv file, which can  be opened ex. in Excel to be archived or further analysed .

What can I do, if an employee made a mistake, while filling ot production data?

It is not a problem – from a manager dashboard you can correct production times and the number of pieces made.

Go to a bookmark Work history click a blue order number in the 2 collumn.

Finish! 🙂
Personalize Prodio to look truly customized and start tests!

Maybe it is unimportant detail for others, but surely you agree, that it would be nice to have at your production hall something customized, with your brand, not someone elsese’s – that’s why we enabled you to put your company logo!


Auditors and your Client’s will be positively surpriced, and this is priceless smile

your logo

Materials are being prepared

                                  FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions:

Which computer shall I install at the production hall?

It’s enough to use any laptop/ or PC with updated browser Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox and an access to Wi-FI.

What happens with the data, after my account is deleted?

If for some reason you decide to stop using Prodio, after some time your account will be permanently deleted without a possibility to restore it. So if you wish to have all data collected with Prodio, it’s enough to export it to an Excel file or CSV.

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Door carpentry/ finishing woodworks.

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