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Easy to use software for

cardboard packaging manufacturers

Your margins are low because of big competition? The cost of remunerations has constantly been growing and you rely on labour from crucibles to done by hand glueing?

There is good news – there aren’t that many branches where you can solve the problems with production management and labour accounting with such ease.

On top of it, if you want to organize cardboard orders better, so employees will not stand by sloters waiting for a delivery, you are more than welcome to read on 🙂

They have placed their trust in us and based their work on Prodio:

Micro scale businesses  and small manufacturers producing all types of:

  •  simple flap boxes / multipacks packaging 
  •  advanced cardboard packaging / POS standards

Simple production planning, calculations and accounting for cardboard packaging manufacturers

Stop filling out manufacturing order forms manually!

Even though you use a computer, the paper document with parameters and packaging technological description is a must in your branch.

Instead of filling out the order form by hand with one click, you can print a clear manufacturing order for a production hall, with all necessary for completion parameters.

As a bonus, you get bar codes on your order form, and thanks to them work registration is even faster.

Flexibly assign work to the next shifts.

Now your employees will always know what to do. Are you afraid, that they might not have sufficient computer skills? Don’t be – we made it as easy as possible and intuitive.

Thanks to production technology orders automatically are divided into particular slotters, crucibles or glueing – and you save your precious time!

No more chaos at the cardboard packaging manufacture – keep your orders under control, no matter how many you get

Imagine a clear list with all orders included, with their status shown, updated timing, type of cardboard used, punching die number, graphics and visuals…

…additionally, this list is updating constantly, each time an employee enters new data. Sound like finally a dream come true – it’s possible in your branch – see for yourself 🙂

Forget lengthy calculations: count remuneration easily (including pay based on the number of pieces made), find the weakest links (especially in procedures made by hand)

Do you have to deal with high turnover at the production, so you make sure to have good efficiency and productivity rates, so you will not pay extra for cardboard packaging production? Do you base the pay rates on the number of pieces made?

It’s quite possible that you spend long hours on payroll, counting working time and trying to find dangerous and costly anomaly or fix problems with an optimal solution.  Prodio gives you instant access to necessary information at one click, and work history can be exported to MS Excel, where remuneration will be easy to calculate.

Would you like to keep stock of the usage of cardboard and avoid material shortages? Now it’s possible:)

What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!

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Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Collect all necessary data about packaging precisely, so you it can be sent to production with one click

  1. As additional product’s boxes (Settings- Additional boxes) define: 
    • Type of FEFCO 
    • Punching die number 
    • Polymer’s number
    • Type of print
    • Alternative cardboard formats
    • Type of printing 
    • other necessary things.
  2. Attach visualization / printing project 
    3) Prepare a default path for the product in technology section
    4) Optionally, you can set limits, for the software to show you employees efficiency and point at potential hang-arounds. 

Give the production hall clear, one “click” orders.

Make your “purchaser” a part of technological process so the cardboard ordering process will be faster and smoother

When you set Purchaser as the “Machine” in technological process, he will know see what kind of cardboard shall be ordered, and after he can check the box “ordered” – it will be a clear message for the person working the first machine that everything is ready and the production procedure can be started!

If you want to appear more professional – prepare a separate machine for both a purchaser and stock boy, which will make checking progress easer, and create a separate parameter “Where was the cardboard ordered” for the order itself.

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

When you are going to prepare for your Client a product more then once, it’s recommended to enter it into your database. 

Use the technology tab and set machines and their order as a default mode.

Remember, you can duplicate products and prepare various types based on one well-prepared template. 

Production plan – what can you set as machines/operations?

You should set all machines you use for production (by their names) and hand-made procedures such as glueing, packaging, etc. 

It’s worth setting stock boy and purchaser as to the machines in the whole process. 

Additional boxes worth adding for your branch:

For the product:
FEFCO numbers
Punching die number
Polymer’s number
Type of print:
Paint numbers

For the product:
– pricing (only in options)
– method of delivery

Start now!
Try Prodio without any commitments - you have 14 days to check all of its functions in practice. After your trial period ends you can simply leave your account or continue work as our Client. Would you prefer to talk? Don't hesitate and call us from 9:00 am to 5 pm !
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