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Simple production plannig software to manage production in STONEMASON WORKSHOPS

The raw material you process is heavy and very often expensive, working conditions at the production hall are hard, but you still manage to complete week by week several gravestone monuments, each being unique. 

Considering conditions at the production hall, computers aren’t the first thing, which comes to mind to make production more efficient, but in your industry there is so much you can achive using those type of innovations.

Give a chance for modern solutions and stay ahead of your competitors having the simplest and the most effective production management system.

Simple production planning and calculation in STONEMASON WORKSHOPS

All gravestones and their projects controlled in one place.

Imagine, that you look at a list with all planned projects and orders, at one click you can view the whole project, attached photos, stone cutting plans, customized inscription. 

And still with one click everything goes to a production hall, without the need of hand-typying, but if you wish you can attach order card with  necessary description. 

 Fast and easy task planning for tombstones production

Thanks to a simple form, flexibility and mobile access from many devices, you caneasily plan work for different sections, including assembly teams working on location. 

Each employee will have necessary information, such as visualisation, attachment with template inscriptions or lists of cutings, avaliable at hand.

What’s more, when using TAG-s the same color tombstone elements can be easily marked, to be grouped more efficient for cutting operation.

Full control over production process from making the first cut to final assembly on location

You can see clearly every operation in the system, working time, check-ins and check-outs.

It is possible to check total production time of a particular tombstone and its relation to set norms.

Additionally, thanks to printed production guidelines, it is possible to mark easily particular tombstones, having attached to them cards with complete production parameters.

Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Prepare product templates; all what is left to do later – fill out customized boxes 

To make your work faster, you can prepare gravestone templates in the software (ex. based on the models which you offer).

Next in the settings create additional order boxes, such as location, tombstone size, font – and while working on your next order just complete only the specific requirements and save time.

Attach tombstone photographs, visualizations, cutting patterns and files with imprints.

Make your employees work even faster and help them find among thousands of orders tombstones, by adding their visualizations. 

You can also add cutting patterns, location photographs or graphic files, where you see an inscription and visuals.

Use printed production orders, even if you don’t use bar code system

Cards with printed production technology (see how to do it) are great as product ID and can follow it – some companiens use stickers generated directly from the software to make things more transparent and clear.

Use MS Excel to analyse and plan work even better

If you use MS Excel exports, you should find interesting :

  • possibility of downloading a whole working history for given elements 
  • order progress with used norms
  • this combination makes it possible to easily get any data regarding form production / tool
    The software will also let you import data.

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is the best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

You can set a particular tombstone model, nest duplicate it and use as a template.

Adding a production technology is highly recommended.

Production plan – what can you set as machines / operations?

As you prefer, if you produce on a small scale, use mainly operations such as cutting or assembly. In larger companies  it is better to create separate daschboards for each production hall and divide machines adequatly.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying  and planning

Set a horizontal view and divide dashboards for particular production hall.

Additional boxes, worth adding in your branch:

To product:

  • Color of tombstone
  • Thickness
  • Finishing

To orders:

  • graveyard
  • number of grave
  • letters finishing

Additional TAG-s at the production hall and in the product categories

Basic colors to make tagging and grouping easier and tags for the saw.

Start now!

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