Manufacturing software for stonemason workshops

The raw material you process is heavy and very often expensive. Working conditions at the production hall are complex, but you still manage to complete week by week several gravestone monuments, each being unique. 

Considering conditions at the production hall, computers aren’t the first thing that makes production more efficient, but in your industry, there is so much you can achieve using those types of innovations.

Give a chance for modern solutions and stay ahead of your competitors, having the simplest and the most effective production management system.

In your industry trusted us small companies:

  • all types of stonemason workshops
  • with 2 to 20 employees.

Thanks to Prodio, we keep company know-how, experience and fitting tips and tricks in one place. It is beneficial in our industry and lets us get to a much higher level of productivity and efficiency.


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Effective production planning and costs tracking.

All gravestones and their projects are controlled in one place.

Imagine that you look at a list with all planned projects and orders; at one click, you can view the whole project, attached photos, stone cutting plans, customised inscription. 

And still, with one click, everything goes to a production hall, without the need of hand-typing, but if you wish, you can attach an order card with the necessary description.

Fast and easy task planning for tombstones production

Thanks to a simple form, flexibility and mobile access from many devices, you can easily plan work for different sections, including assembly teams working on location. 

Each employee will have the necessary information, such as visualisation, attachment with template inscriptions or lists of cuttings, available at hand.

What’s more, when using TAG-s, the same colour tombstone elements can be easily marked to be grouped more efficient for cutting operation.

Complete control over production process from making the first cut to final assembly on location

You can see every operation in the system, working time, check-ins and check-outs.

It is possible to check the total production time of a particular tombstone and its relation to set norms.

Additionally, thanks to printed production guidelines, it is possible to mark easily particular tombstones, having attached to the cards with complete production parameters.

Manufacturing Software Features

Everything you need to run and manage a small manufacturing business

Online production planning and real-time progress tracking

From any place in the world with just a few clicks create a production schedule then share it via a web browser with the shop floor.
Communication between managers and workers doesn’t have to be messy or difficult.

Check out production planning module

Shop floor control and work in progress tracking

The workers register the start / the end of each operation, indicate the progress, and add extra comments using an easy online template.
You can view task updates in real-time, monitor key metrics, make accurate decisions and keep everything on track.

Check out shop floor control module

Orders and products management plus simple inventory

Regain control over orders thanks to an easy online view. Track lead times and get optimal efficiency.
You see who’s working on the job, where in the production process it is, and if you are going to meet the delivery date.

Check out orders and products management module

Time and attendance tracking

Turn time into money, capture every minute of every day, prevent lateness, and never miss a second of chargeable time again.
See who’s on shift, who’s running late, who forgot to clock-in/ clock-out, and who’s on break.

Check out time and attendance tracking module

Products database and your company knowledge management

The more you use Prodio – the greater technology of products is created; thanks to that, new employees’ training process will be easier, faster, and the knowledge will stay in the company.

Check out product database module

Get rid of paper ordersand track your production right now!

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Tips and tricks for your industry

Check how to customize your new manufacturing software

Prepare product templates; all that is left to do later – fill out customised boxes.

To make your work faster, you can prepare gravestone templates in the software (ex., based on the models you offer).

Next in the settings, create additional order boxes, such as location, tombstone size, font – and while working on your next order, complete only the specific requirements and save time.

Attach tombstone photographs, visualisations, cutting patterns and files with imprints.

Make your employees work even faster and help them find among thousands of orders tombstones by adding their visualisations. 

You can also add cutting patterns, location photographs or graphic files, where you see an inscription and visuals.

Use printed production orders, even if you don’t use a bar code system

Cards with printed production technology (see how to do it) are great as product ID and can follow it – some companies use stickers generated directly from the software to make things more transparent and clear.

Use MS Excel for better analytics and make your work even more comfortable

When you use MS Excel exports, you should find interesting:

  • possibility of downloading the whole working history for particular elements,
  • total orders progress, including standards.

This combination allows getting any data regarding a form production/tools quickly. Furthermore, it is also possible to reverse the process by importing data.

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:  

What is best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

You can set a particular tombstone model, nest duplicate it and use it as a template. Adding a production technology is highly recommended.

Production plan – what can you set as machines/operations?

As you prefer, if you produce on a small scale, use mainly operations such as cutting or assembly. However, it is better to create separate dashboards for each production hall in larger companies and divide machines adequately.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying and planning

Choose a horizontal view in settings and divide it into separate production hall views – click here.

Additional boxes worth adding for your branch:

To product: Colour of tombstone Thickness Finishing To orders: graveyard number of the grave letters finishing

Additional TAG-s at the production hall and in the product categories

Primary colours to make tagging and grouping easier and tags for the saw.

You may find interesting:

More than 50 tricks in Prodio to make production management efficient How does Prodio’s production plan work? Efficient production calculation and accounting How to print production orders and register them based on their bar codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my type of a subscription package?

Yes, you can. It’s not a problem – just write to us and the following month we will issue a modified invoice. It works in the same way if the number of employees in your manufacture changes and exceeds the one in your package. We simply make adjustments.

2. Can you explain what is a number of manufacturing workers?

The way we understand it, a manufacturing worker is a person who can register in the system the start / the finish of an operation and respectively clock in / clock out. All staff having only administrative access, but not performing any production are not included in the limit precised in the package description.

3. Is my data secure?

For the security reasons and protection of your data, the connection with the server is encrypted SSL 128 bits). Servers are placed in the professional server’s room equipped among others in a backup electricity generator, security cameras monitoring servers room and access control.

4. How to start using Prodio?

After registration you are welcomed by a tutorial, where you are given a short tour explaining basic functions of the system and  shown how it works.

5. What is the difference between a MONTHLY and an ANNUAL subscription ?

An annual subscription (“per YEAR”) means that you pay for one year upfront and receive a discount comparing to monthly payments. This is the most popular choice among Clients as it’s comfortable and cheaper.

6. Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you don’t. there isn’t a minimum period to commit to a subscription payment. You just buy in advance a month’s subscription and simply use it.

7. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you don’t pay your subscription fee your account will be automatically suspended without any financial consequences. You simply stop using the product and after a while or at your request the account might be completely deleted.

8. How long does it take to configure the software?

Basic computer skills are enough to go through configuration, which takes approximately 15 minutes.  You answer a series of simple questions to configure Prodio for yourself. If you experience any difficulties you can rely on our technical support to help you.

9. How much does it cost to install or update the system?

There aren’t any additional costs. The price listed in a selected subscription package is complete and includes costs of using the software. All updates automatically appear on your account and there isn’t any additional payment for them.

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