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    “For us Prodio is indispensable in further functioning, it allows us to grow, saves us work and optimizes production”

    Peter CEO

    Rubber goods and sealings

    “For me, Prodio is a huge step forward; first and foremost, it brings organization to the company. We said goodbye to the paper version of the documents. For the companies such as Rubberblock, it is essential. There is no way to discuss AI in small manufacturing companies if you don’t have the basics.”

    Paul Owner

    CNC machining

    “I like Prodio. There are many great functionalities”. “It could work a bit faster, but I suppose you know it. “I’d like to learn more about production scheduling, orders progress tracking, etc.”


    Customized goods and machinery

    “Thanks to Prodio our company is better organized. Old habits die hard - workers like to take shortcuts, but since we use Prodio things have improved greatly.”

    Arkadius Owner

    Injection molding

    “My workers can't imagine their life without Prodio.”

    Mark Owner

    Printing houses/ Bookbinder's

    “We have been using Prodio for more than one year, and it made work in our printing house much more efficient. Graphic designers can work much faster, so the progress on all projects is rapid. The communication between the sales reps and shop floor has improved. We are also able to control orders and complaints. What's crucial for me is that the implementation itself was straightforward. ”

    Przemysław Owner

    CNC machining

    “"It is a very beneficial system to be able to operate our production. Starting from the basic planning of an item, the registration of each of our operators and then the production costs specified in the chart, the process has generated an accessible facility for each AgiliTECH user. So my perspective as a user has been a positive experience."”

    Michael Tamas Owner

    CNC machining

    ““I am glad we use this software. It makes our job a breeze and helps everybody in the company. Scanning feature is amazing: someone comes to work, clock-ins and they can start work straight away”.”


    CNC machining

    “"Prodio is intuitive and easy-to-use. It improves the way we work, ensures smooth communication and information flow". ”


    Advertising industry

    ““Prodio helps to improve the production process. Our customers can log into the B2B panel to check the progress on their orders”.”

    Guido Vreuls Managing director / co-owner

    Injection molding

    “"Prodio gives us a clear overview of what's happening on the shop floor. Before we started using Prodio, we had everything on paper and no control. Graphic presentation is clear such as instruction for workers, and with attached images, we can provide better quality control."”

    Marko Kalin Owner

    Advertising industry

    “It is an easy-to-use system for my employees. We used a different solution in the past, but it was offline.”



    “Prodio made our communication and production management a breeze. No more messy whiteboards diffused responsibility and never-ending explanations regarding orders.”

    Tom Owner