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Shop Floor Control Software Features

Get a floor-level overview of your production and have total shop floor control.

Never lose control over your shop floor operations

In manufacturing, your money is made on the shop floor. That is why real-time availability of every detail involved in the entire manufacturing operation is crucial to your manufacturing business’s success and profitability. Total shop floor control is the foundation upon which Prodio is developed.

Prodio manufacturing software helps you to:

  • view task updates in real-time, monitor key metrics, make accurate decisions and keep everything on track
  • get early indications of potential problems and take corrective actions to avoid costly mistakes and keep up with deadlines
  • gain a live overview of your shop floor and prioritise orders by dragging and dropping
  • have our workshop in the palm of your hand and access your projects from anywhere in the world
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Intuitive work-in-progress registration 

Assign tasks and track time and resources spent. Through an accessible online template, workers register the start / the end of an operation, indicate progress, and add additional comments. You can use the equipment you already have on the shop floor and choose how you wish to identify workers: simple PIN codes, printed cards with QR codes, or RFID key-fobs.

Prodio manufacturing software helps you to:

  • register work and share the production schedule on any device with Internet access
  • collect shop-floor data on any device, bar-code scanners, RFID, tablets
  • check who’s on shift, who’s working on which task, and who’s on break
  • register the consumption of raw materials, possible deficiencies and make updates on the fly
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Connect with everyone across any shift or any department. 

With Prodio shop floor management software, communication between managers and employees doesn’t have to be messy or complicated. Business manufacturing software creates a transparent and open communication channel between the factory floor and the office. Working in such a shop floor environment is easy, as all tasks are clearly communicated.

Prodio manufacturing software helps you to:

  • ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page, no matter where they are.
  • Store all your project files in one place online, share them and collaborate within the team
  • Share critical messages, documents and photographs of potential defects or ready-made goods.
  • Add notes to manufacturing orders to be displayed for related tasks in the shop floor app.
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“For us Prodio is indispensable in further functioning, it allows us to grow, saves us work and optimizes production”

Peter CEO

Rubber goods and sealings

“For me, Prodio is a huge step forward; first and foremost, it brings organization to the company. We said goodbye to the paper version of the documents. For the companies such as Rubberblock, it is essential. There is no way to discuss AI in small manufacturing companies if you don’t have the basics.”

Paul Owner

CNC machining

“I like Prodio. There are many great functionalities”. “It could work a bit faster, but I suppose you know it. “I’d like to learn more about production scheduling, orders progress tracking, etc.”


Customized goods and machinery

“Thanks to Prodio our company is better organized. Old habits die hard – workers like to take shortcuts, but since we use Prodio things have improved greatly.”

Arkadius Owner

Injection molding

“My workers can’t imagine their life without Prodio.”

Mark Owner

Printing houses/ Bookbinder’s

“We have been using Prodio for more than one year, and it made work in our printing house much more efficient. Graphic designers can work much faster, so the progress on all projects is rapid. The communication between the sales reps and shop floor has improved. We are also able to control orders and complaints. What’s crucial for me is that the implementation itself was straightforward. ”

Przemysław Owner

CNC machining

“”It is a very beneficial system to be able to operate our production. Starting from the basic planning of an item, the registration of each of our operators and then the production costs specified in the chart, the process has generated an accessible facility for each AgiliTECH user. So my perspective as a user has been a positive experience.””

Michael Tamas Owner

CNC machining

““I am glad we use this software. It makes our job a breeze and helps everybody in the company. Scanning feature is amazing: someone comes to work, clock-ins and they can start work straight away”.”


CNC machining

“”Prodio is intuitive and easy-to-use. It improves the way we work, ensures smooth communication and information flow”. ”


Advertising industry

““Prodio helps to improve the production process. Our customers can log into the B2B panel to check the progress on their orders”.”

Guido Vreuls Managing director / co-owner

Injection molding

“”Prodio gives us a clear overview of what’s happening on the shop floor. Before we started using Prodio, we had everything on paper and no control. Graphic presentation is clear such as instruction for workers, and with attached images, we can provide better quality control.””

Marko Kalin Owner

Advertising industry

“It is an easy-to-use system for my employees. We used a different solution in the past, but it was offline.”



“Prodio made our communication and production management a breeze. No more messy whiteboards diffused responsibility and never-ending explanations regarding orders.”

Tom Owner

Control your shop floor to make the right decisions

Proven in more than 16 industries all over the world

CNC Workshops

Shop floor control system to manage production in machining / CNC manufacturing business

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Cardboard packaging

Get a live floor-level production status overview in one intuitive manufacturing software for small cardboard packaging companies.

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Advertising and Printing houses

Smart shop floor control software to manage hundreds of customized production orders in printing houses/advertising agencies.

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“Must-have tool for a small company”

“Reduces chaos and costs”

“Unbelievably easy and fast to set up”

Machinery production

Production control software for hop floors producing machines / industrial installation systems and steel constructions.

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Tool shops

Effective production control and cost calculating for tool shops.

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Injection molding

Simple shop floor management software for injection moulding industry – plastic and synthetics material production.

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“Can’t live without it”

“My shop floor workers love it”

“Gave me back so much time”


Easy to use control software for door manufacturers, furniture fronts producers and other woodwork manufacturers.

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Stonemason workshops

Simple shop floor control software to manage production in stonemason workshops

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Elastomer goods production

Shop floor control software to manage the production of elastomer goods.

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Apparel, textile and footwear industry

MES software to control shop floors in the apparel, textile and footwear industry


Jewellery and accessories

Manufacturing software for better jewellery and accessories inventory management


Food, beverage, coffee roasting

Manufacturing MES software for coffee roasting, food and beverage industry



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shop Floor Control

1. What is shop floor control, and why is it important?

Shop floor control is a system with methods and tools used to track, schedule, and report the work progress in a manufacturing unit.

The better the shop floor control, the better the inventory and production operations control and the better is workers’ productivity. Therefore, the performance of a manufacturing company varies directly in proportion to the shop floor control.

That’s why shop floor control is crucial for any manufacturing, assembling or processing business. It helps you to see what is happening in real time. Nowadays, manufacturing is changing, and there are many moving parts between workers’ mistakes. Without proper planning, mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, the main task of shop floor management is to sustainably increase the efficiency and quality of production processes.

2. What are the three phases of shop floor control?

The shop floor management system cooperates in three phases: order release, order scheduling, and order progress.

The first phase – order release – relates mainly to shop floor planning and resource management. First, managers check which resources are available at a given time, including raw materials, machinery, and labour. Then, each time a new order is released into the queue, this information is automatically updated to give a more relevant picture of what is happening on the floor.

Phase two – order scheduling – is connected with the ability to track orders in real-time and rearrange production to suit present conditions. Improving production agility in a small company maximises efficiency and gives you an edge over your competitors.

The longest of the three phases, the order progress phase, benefits from real-time shop floor tracking capabilities. Life is easier when you can check order and resource status. Shop floor management in a manufacturing company is never as straightforward in real life as on paper. Raw materials management, machine breakdowns, staff shortages, and countless variables make the work environment dynamic and influence the overall efficiency of business operations.

3. What are the main objectives of shop floor control?

The main objectives of the shop floor management system are:

  • To streamline the operations and reduce production time, the shop floor operators see clearly what to do.
  • To provide real-time data related to activities, work orders, inventory planning and resources.
  • To provide accurate updates on machine usage, man-hours for each staff member, payroll calculations and timely alerts to potential problems.

Shop floor control software fosters regular, timely, and seamless communication between shop floor managers and workers. Thanks to that, shop floor activities can run smoothly.

Modern shop floor management software strives to boost the productivity and morale of employees across the organisation. Operations can be standardised according to industry best practices to increase production efficiency. Loopholes or weak points in the production process can be quickly identified, mistakes avoided, and problems solved immediately. Manufacturing costs can be reduced instantly.

4. What are the benefits of implementing a shop floor control system?

These are the essential benefits of shop floor control software:

  • It is paperless, so the company can stop running on pen and paper and get rid of tons of notebooks;
  • It provides total real-time visibility of what happens on the shop floor;
  • The supervisors and managers find themselves empowered as the control software facilitates monitoring of a complete range of operations and activities on the shop floor.
  • It alerts the staff member of any upcoming problems beforehand to limit or eliminate property loss or time.
  • It provides data which is quantifiable and actionable.
  • It supports the planning and scheduling of shop floor operations, thereby increasing the efficiency of workers.
  • It eliminates the errors in calculations of machine time, man-hours, worker payrolls and much more.
  • It reveals operational vulnerabilities and staff and resource-related problems and helps to address them in time.
  • It makes decision making easy for the management by providing reports. In addition, it accesses data and processes it for quantifiable readings and calculations.

Other vital key features include:

  • Flexibility − you can accommodate changes in the volume of the product or the product itself.
  • Software such as Prodio can work on various hardware as long as you have Internet access.

5. What are shop floor control best solutions?

There are different shop floor solutions, as manufacturing control is vital to any successful business. It helps ensure that all aspects of the production process run smoothly and efficiently. The best shop floor solutions will help enterprises maximize their production outputs while minimizing waste and errors.

Many software solutions focus on production monitoring, and even some ERP software modules offer such features.

Effective shop floor control systems involve careful planning, implementation, and maintenance to ensure that all processes operate as planned. High-quality solutions can provide flexible scheduling, quality assurance, real-time tracking capabilities, inventory management and other features designed to optimize production performance. Such solutions should also be scalable to grow alongside any business’s increasing demands.

6. How long does it take to implement shop floor control?

Shop floor control is integral to any manufacturing process, enabling factories to monitor and manage their production better. For a shop floor to be successful, however, it must be implemented correctly.

The time it takes for an effective shop floor control system to be put in place can vary depending on the complexity of the factory. A small business with a single production line might take as little as one or two days, while more extensive operations with multiple lines could take weeks or months to implement.

In all cases, setting up shop floor control requires careful planning ahead of time. This includes identifying which areas need monitoring and ensuring data is captured accurately from each part of the process. The choice of technology used also plays an essential role in ensuring the system is set up smoothly and quickly for maximum efficiency and productivity once operational.


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