Thanks to these tricks, you will make a better use of your production system and adjust it to your needs with ease.

More then 50 tricks, how to use your Prodio’s account better.

Learn how to even better plan your production, account work at the production hall and adjust the software to what you need. This list is being constantly updated thanks to our Clients input, observations and experience. 🙂

Adjust software to your needs:

  1. Additional parameters of the product
  2. Prodio on your mobile phone
  3. Your logo in Prodio (also in the display at the production hall)
  4. Personalized order and number of collumns on particular lists
  5. Turn on product pricing service, to control your orders better
  6. Hide Prodio’s order numbers and use your numeric system
  7. Default units for measuring efficiency 
  8. Personalized machine orders on the production plan
  9. Set your “favourite” production plan
  10. Different machines displayed on different desktop panels

More comfortable work every day:


  1. Create new products directly when adding a new order
  2. Production planning from the orders level in one click 
  3. Fast overview of total order progress
  4. Check, if you already printed technological manual to your order 
  5. Print your order (technological manual as well as bar codes to register work)

Production planning:

  1. Change the order of working operations on the prarticualar machine with ease (on the production plan)
  2. Tags for marking simultanious and urgent operations 
  3. Use tags to see clearly the product, which goes multiple times through the same machine/opertation
  4. Plan production more comfortably with a horizontal view of the working plan
  5. Automatically hide machines without orders assigned
  6. Hide machines temporarily at the production plan
  7. Minimize particular machines at the production hall
  8. Assigning employees to particular jobs
  9. Hide particular orders from a production plan
  10. Make communication at the production hall better with operation predecessors
  11. Faster production planning thanks to planning tips
  12. Checking individual machines and workers avaliability within the production plan

Production hall view 

  1. Emloyees notice board
  2. Fast orders search in the production plan (also in the production view)
  3. Make Prodio’s display better at the production hall 
  4. Hide your Client’s data or the order before production
  5. Find an employee faster on the list
  6. Don’t let workers start their work without clocking in at the production hall
  7. Show your employees at the production hall how much working time is left to exceed the set norm
  8. Set locks, so worker won’t be able to work on two orders simultaniously.

Accounting and monitoring

  1. Registration of employees check in/check out and comparison of working time on machines and employees
  2. Track workers who hang around without working on the machines
  3. Register separately time when a machine works without worker’s supervision
  4. Workers check in / check out registration 
  5. Correct the history and number of items made 
  6. Register shortages at production, a batch and the amount of raw materials used
  7. Compare with one click planned order completion time with real completion time

Interesting uses prompted by our Clients:

  1. Follow work at the construction and graphic departments
  2. Large files without uploading to the website
  3. Treat contractors as machines or operations in product technology, to follow externally outsourced procedures
  4. Register jobs not connected with production ex. cleaning, maintenenace or service

Personalized order of machines on the production plan

In most situations it is recommended the order of machines/workling stations shhould correspond with their true setting at the production hall.

How to do it:

In the left-hand menu choose Settings, and next Machines.  

The order of machines can be changed by dragging up and down items on your list.

You have just changed the order of machines on the production plan.

Changing the order of work on the particular machine 

The 90% of Prodio’s Clients follows the rule, that the list of tasks for particular machine is worked from the top to the bottom – where a worker always chooses the first incomplete order.

How to do it:

Choose the machine where you would like to change the work order.