Schedule production, increase efficiency, monitor employees and control working time online.

Intuitive calculation and production planning for small manufacturers

Prodio is easy to use, contains only necessary functions and you can set it up by yourself within 15 minutes without additional, pricey  equipment.


Program do zarządzania produkcją przez Internet dostępny na różnych urządzeniach.

Industries represented by Prodio Clients.

Operations in the system each month.

Extended production management software/EPR production system.

All you need to manage effectively production in a small manufacture.

Regain control over processes at the production hall.

No more late night phone calls, neglecting your family to monitor work. Now, you can always see what’s being produced, by whom, how long it takes and if it’s efficient enough.

Pulpit zarządzania produkcją i ostatnie operacje z produkcji.
Przykład planowania produkcji - harmonogram maszyny.

Employees always know how and what should they produce.

From any place in the world you can create a work schedule, which will be projected at the production hall. It’s user friendly and tasks are accompanied by photos, documentation, drawings and technical notes.

Collect information about production in the easiest possible way.

No more notebooks and paper workcards. Simple online templates help your employees to register work progress and you can see it immediately from any place in the world. We also operate RFID-based key fobs.

Zlecenie produkcyjne - rejestracja produkcji
Rozlicznie produkcji - historia pracy i operacji produkcji.

Work history and work efficiency right in front of you.

With assistance of production management software you will be able to learn how long it really takes to make your product, what has been already produced, by whom, when and how efficient was the whole process.

Production always in your pocket 🙂

Now, you can go on holiday, spend time with your family every evening, without worrying about your business. From now on your production management software is always  to be accessed from your smartphone, at the swipe of your finger!  

Zarządzanie produkcją przez smartfona.

Try it for 30 days and change your company!

Straight away you get a complete access to all functions, so you can fully test the program at your facility. You don't have to leave you company data or telephone number- it's enough to provide your e-mail address.
Test it without further commitment!See all functions!

Dozens of small manufacturers  employing from 3 to 142 people at the production have already trusted us.

Every day we do our best to help make work more efficient and organized in more than 12 branches, ranging from metal processing industry, tool shops, cardboard packaging, carpentry, injection moulding industry to sealing technology providers.

Among our Clients are: 

Dozens of meetings, months of implementation, IT investments.

Just 8 minutes: from clicking “Try it” button to setting up even an older model of laptop at the production hall
– that’s how little time you need to change your production.

The configurator will guide you, 
so you can set up your own account following simple steps without specialized IT knowledge.

You get free assistance of our technical support team, both over the telephone and an online chat.

You don’t need a computer technician,
setting up a computer at the production hall requires only typing a web address and entering your password. 

Sounds great, but is it safe? 

                                      Your data is safe in the secured host centre, and your connection is encrypted.                                                                      The security of your data is our priority, we don’t even know your password, because it is encrypted.

We are complaint with RODO regulations
Our servers are within the European Union, and we can sign entrusting data processing agreement upon request.

Resign whenever you wish and download your data.
You don’t have to sign any contracts, and you can download your production data as a spread sheet at any time.

 In accordance with your ISO 9001 / 13485 system
                   Have you already implemented ISO quality system? Auditors will love changes, and you will be able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary “paperwork”.

What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!
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