I can’t delete production task or order. Why?

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Every action that is taken in production is recorded in the work history. Therefore, when we try to delete an order or order on somebody else, we get an error. The program thus makes sure that the data is integral.
Summing up, we can permanently delete orders in two cases: when they have the status of new or planned (but no one has started working on individual orders yet).
However, if we want to get rid of unnecessary orders or orders from the list, we can do it very quickly.
In the case of orders, it looks like this:
We choose the orders that we want us to disappear from the list
Then click Checked and Deactivate
We check whether the “Select to display inactive production orders” option is disabled
In the case of orders, we have the option of closing the order or canceling it.
With both options, orders will disappear from the list – the cancellation option is used more often when, for example, the customer has resigned.
We select the orders that we want to disappear from the list. Then click Checked and Close or Cancel. We check if the “Display canceled and completed” option is.
Thanks to this, both lists will be more transparent and will contain the data that we currently need. If we want to view archived orders or orders, just enable the option “Display canceled and completed” or “Select to display inactive production orders”.