5 reasons to use simple manufacturing software and avoid complaints in B2C daily practice

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    Self-testing for a small manufacturing company

    Whether your business is fully manufacturing-focused or it represents a strand within your operations, producing enough goods at the right time without straining your team or finances is an ever-present battle. What’s more, if a product is faulty or not of satisfactory quality, then your customers can ask for a full refund, a repair, or a replacement within a reasonable time.  

    That’s all very well, and it’s obvious that mistakes do happen, and some complaints are legitimate and reasonable, but you cannot be too careful, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

    One of the reasons for mistakes is miscommunication caused by troubled information flow between the customer and the supplier. It won’t hurt if you do a bit of self-examination:

    • Is your customer and supplier relationship management information scattered in different systems and people’s heads across the business?
    • Are you drowning in spreadsheets as you try to manage increasing production in your small manufacturing business?
    • Do you happen to make last-minute changes on your paper production orders,  alter measurements, add side comments, cross things out or update projects?
    • Do you often miss deadlines or feel unable to forecast accurately due dates, as you are not sure how long it would take to deliver finished goods?
    • Do you have troubles with monitoring work progress and time spent by each worker on their tasks?

    If you answered “YES” to some of the above questions, it looks like you could benefit from using simple manufacturing software in your company. 

    But what it’s got to do with complaints and B2C practice, you might ask — actually quite a lot.

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    1. Simple manufacturing software offers convenience

    Many of your customers reach out to you because your company is a convenient choice. It is a major part of your branding, and branding isn’t just about logos, tagline, and image; it’s about what you promise the customer. This is a touch and buy factor. 

    Let’s say that you picked a new order, and it doesn’t have to be a large one, just a standard job for your business. When you use simple manufacturing software, straight away, you can check this order into the system with a few swipes on your phone or tablet. You might be on location, in your customer’s office, in their house, settling the order over a cup of coffee – it doesn’t matter. The point is that the order is in the system, and your employees can proceed as soon as you enter it while you are still away from the workshop. 

    simple manufacturing software

    What’s more, you can attach photos (ex. the colour sample), technical drawings with measurements (ex. the exact size of the door or cupboard), your comments (ex. urgent).

    simple manufacturing software must


    2.  Personalized orders – tailor your products with simple manufacturing software

    The competition on the market is harsh these days, and many of your customers are attracted to tailored goods or services, lured by the individual approach your company offers.

    Bespoke cabinets, intricate metalwork, printed brochures to name just a few; all require precision, and even a small mistake, misunderstanding, or a lapse in communication can prove detrimental for your manufacturing business. 

    It is much easier to organize production with the support of simple manufacturing software. Access additional functionality by capturing individual contacts (i.e., building lead lists containing verified email addresses), locations, inquiries, orders, service requests. Upload files and documents, track emails (you can further use this data using tools like Instantly), and interactions for a full record of activity. Monitor order patterns and set tasks for following-up. Make sure your customers are treated as individuals with great care and offered the best quality of service.

    simple manufacturing software must have

    3.  Time is money – avoid costly bottlenecks and delays.

    The mistakes and complaints caused by delays can cost you a lot. Follow all your manufacturing orders and workstation schedules with the main production schedule.

    • Follow color-coded warnings that indicate when operations or work orders are late, and take the necessary action in response.
    simple manufacturing software good
    simple manufacturing software superb
    • Use accurate automatic planning and a realistic production schedule. Reschedule dynamically by dragging and dropping manufacturing orders and operations. 
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    4. Ups, we did it again…

    The prospect of accepting a complaint doing things once again seems costly and daunting.

    It’s not rocket science to calculate that double job means cut margins and zero, or below acceptable profit (Check out this case study to find out more).

    In most cases, it turns out that the problem isn’t in poor quality or efficiency but mainly in huge losses made due to chaos in communication.

    simple manufacturing software color coded

    Trying to fix the botched job can be extremely demotivating for employees, also financially when their monthly bonus is gone or when the animosity arises once you want to pinpoint who is responsible for the mistake. 

    Simple manufacturing software such as Prodio can prove helpful and prevent such problems.

    5. You want to make a local name for your business

    It would be great to become a household name straight after launching your manufacturing business. Still, the ability to earn trust and a good reputation locally is like life insurance for a small business. 

    Surely you want to get recognized as a reliable company, get positive reviews, and more business, as word of mouth does wonders for your marketing as well as having a well-established position on the local market. 

    Smart manufacturing software can help you retain precious company know-how built over time. Mistakes do happen, but even though you will learn from them, avoid repeating the same ones in the future because the management of production scheduling will not solely rely on someone’s experience or skills. 

    Remarks and comments will be visible to everybody, and warnings will appear each time you decide so, special requirements will be noted.

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