MS EXCEL analysis and production calculation (download ready to use spreadsheet).

This year a “bunny rabbit” got you a special Easter treat in a form of calculation spreadsheet, thanks to which data collected with PRODIO, will help you to reach conclusions and make better decisions.

MS EXCEL analyses and calculation of production – why use a spreadsheet not Prodio ?

Prodio allows you to check (and probably some of the users even don’t know it) the real cost of labor of each detail (resulting from the cost of man-hours), compare planned time with lead time, sum  things up using filters, compare any given data in hundreds of ways and many more…

Each of tens of companies which use Prodio, analyse data in a unique way—  that’s why while creating the software we wanted to give the opportunity to export information to Excel in an easy way.

MS Excel spreadsheets were created to analyse data — giving  great possibilities to visualize and accounting, so contrary to registration and managing production, using spreadsheets for calculating makes more sense.

You don’t have to be an “Excel mastermind”, because to make data analysis easier (which can be a very lengthy and complicated process) we prepared some ready files (like this one), even when you are familiar with only basic Excel function thanks to them you will be able to handle quite sophisticated calculations.

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Apart form helping you, we would like to use the present form of spreadsheet to collect opinions and ideas, which reports should go to Prodio itself.

This is very important for us to have your insight on how it should look. If any comments repeat we will try to implement them. So far we considered to add many new parameters (including OEE, shifts division or machines occupancy forecast).


The current spreadsheet is a tested and developing version, so it can contain some mistakes / or some elements might be missing. We will make it better and work on real time updates on receiving your comments – the newest version can be found when you click on the link below  

3. Equipment requirements

We intentionally used MS Office 2007 to create a spreadsheet (this is the oldest version possible to use) –  and to assure compatibility with older versions of spreadsheets. To make analyses an older computer model is also sufficient.

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Analyse and production calculation in MS Excel

Avaliable analyses:

1. Machine and operation – graph:

A single machine / operation occupation history (with efficiency and graphs).

    Analiza obłożenia i wydajności maszyny MS Excel

In this bookmark you can learn:

  •  how much worked a SINGLE machine / operation weekly/monthly (ex. to check occupancy and see if all working stations are used well)
  •  how long would it take if the machine / operation was doing the same job, but accordingly to norms set in products technology  (to see which machines / operations are the weakest or underestimated in your technological processes)
  • compare in percentages planned times with lead times from the point of improvement process. 

2. Machines and operations occupancy

The total summary of all machines / operations occupancy.

Maszyny łaczne oblozenia - analiza

In this bookmark you can learn how to:

  • easily sum and compare how much worked machines /operations in particular month (ex. to check occupancy and see if all working stations are used well);
  • easily sum and compare how much worked machines /operations in particular week (ex. to check occupancy and see if all working stations are used well);
  • this summary is used mainly to see whether there are any discrepancies in particular processes

 3. Employee’s efficiency:

Work occupational history for particular employee (with efficiency and graphs).

Analiza pracownika MS ExcelIn this bookmark you can learn:

  • how much an employee worked monthly / weekly
  • how long would it take if an employee was doing the same job, but accordingly to norms set in products technology  (to see which employees  are the weakest);
  • compare in percentages planned times with lead times from the point of improvement process.


A comprehensive analyses multi-position orders (by external order number), very useful, when you need quickly summarize a whole ex. 20 position order, without dividing it into single items. 

In this bookmark you can learn:

  • how long it took, in total, to complete the whole (multi-position) order
  • what was the total time conditioned by the production technology and norms
  • compare planned timed with lead times
  • see which machines / operations had  the biggest discreapancies
  • see which employees contributed the most to appearing of those discrepancies while completing the order
  • how many pieces were completed and how many shortages were in the process

A comprehensive analyses of production for given assortment regarding the whole product making – the best knowledge compendium on your products.

Analiza i rozlczenie produkcji produktu MS Excel

In this bookmark you can learn:

  • how long on average it takes to make a product by particular machines / operations;
  • which operations are underestimated, and which can cut from the calculations;
  • compare planned times and lead times for each product;
  • which processes generate the most shortages
  • which employees are the best at completing a give product (in total);
  • how efficiently particular employees work on given product / operation;
  • how many pieces were made and when (in which months) the production was the biggest;

How to use it – Spreadsheet preparation:

  1. Download and open updated version of spreadsheet by clicking here
  2. Go to a bookmar Working history in Prodio, then cklick „Export the history of operations”.Data analyses
  3. Open downloaded file with working history, mark collumns A to T and press “Copy”.
  4. In the analyses file go to bookmark “Pasting”, position mouse in A1 cell and then click “Paste”. The software will ask if you want to change content, to which we mark “YES”, as an answer.
  5. It’s all ready 🙂


Update 1.08.2019 🙂


We added the present file to analyses and calculation of working time (RCP) based on Prodio’s data, where there are among others 

  • working time division on Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays 
  • overtime and basic working time division
  • clear list of working hours by days 

Click (HERE) to download or click the graphic below:

Rozliczenie czasu pracy (RCP) Ms Excel plik

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