Easy to use software for door manufacturers, furniture fronts producers and other woodwork manufacturers.

Regardless of what you produce: front door, skirting we are impressed, because managing production in your branch is a real challange.

Practically each product has different parameters, most orders are tailored to your Clients and the production process itself is difficult the same item sometimes needs multiple priming, sanding or polishing.

Check how can we help you to transform and simplify your production to make your daily tasks at the poroduction hall easier and smoother.

In your branch trusted us and helped to  develop software with their know-how:

Mainly carpentry manufacturers employing groups of several people:

  • door and door panels,
  • furniture panel producers / furniture fronts,
  • manufacturers of finishing elements, such as skirting.

Simple production planning, calculations and accounting for door, windows, furniture fronts and other construction woodwork manufacturers.

Efficiently manage production at the production hall and map your working process

Unlike many much more expensive programs with full locks, Prodio can map your working process perfectly and precisely:

  • using Prodio software the same product can be run a few times through the sequence of operations such as sanding or painting, and your employee will be alble to determin precisely which stage it is at,
  • Measurments defined by your Client can be displayed for the duration of the production without unnecessary clicking,
  • it is possible to colout tag the group of products or their features.

Every day employees can easily navigate among dozens of completed projects thanks to production orders with bar codes.


Thanks to the orders print outs which “travel” as the product is moved from place to place, all employees know what’s what – and registration of progress can be done with bar code readers.

This solution ensures registration process is really fast and takes no longer then a few seconds, and you have active progress view.

Thanks to product templates you save time, standardize work procedures and minimize mistakes.

The rule is simple – instead of creating each time a product for the same Client, use earlier defined template adding only data specific for that order.  

This is possible thanks to any number of extra boxes, which you can add to your orders and products, and a possibility of attaching graphic files. How to add additional parameters? – click to see.

Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Prepare product templates; all what is left to do later – fill out personalized for your Client boxes 

If we look at the example of custom-made door order. creating a new product each time for different measurements and combination would be a madness and a waste of time.

It proves a better solution to prepare templates for main groups / types of products yuo have, add to them production technology and everything what is constant and repetitive and simply drag it to your current order. 

When a Client places an order you can  complete information directly in the created template and fill out boxes for type of finish, size, door handle type – in this way, clear information will get to the production.

Give the production hall clear, one “click” orders 

When you move very fast from order to order it is very important to make the whole process as easy as possible.

Print manuals with bar codes, which you put at the production hall – see how?

and use bar codes for registration – link.

Use tags to mark particular priming or sanding – to see clearly the stages of the whole process

Within this technology (as long as it happens at the same working station) separate priming and sanding marking them as different processess – in the tog box type which time this is.

Thanks to this step you and your employees would see exactly which stage you are at and if you are stuck, where the problem is.

To produce multiple element products use tagging to mark their parts 

Technology of the product allows you to  set up a path both for door, as well as door frame, by tagging “door” and “frame” and clarifying that devision. 

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is the best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

The main type of products which you are going to personalize for the order.

Production plan – what can you set as machines / operations?

We recommend dividing into procedures ex. sanding, priming, varnishing, asembly, as well as for particular machines such as saw, file, etc.

Make sure to devide your view into separate production halls, to make it clear.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying  and planning

It is necessary for you to turn on previous operations tagging, so your employees know where to start and which procedure is still incomplete or queueing. How does it work? 

Additional boxes, worth adding for your branch:

All features personalized in the product:
– parameters,
– RAL colour (we recommend to divide it into white / others),
– finishing, etc.

Additional TAG-s at the production halland in the product categories

– types of processing, ex. Sanding 1, Sanding 2,
– components ex. frame / door wing,
– colours: white / colour (plus the RAL number in the product description).

Frequently asked questions by door, windows, furniture fronts and other construction woodwork manufacturers.

Is it possible for the one operator to operate multiple machines at the same time?

Yes, it is. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to register production effectively in your branch.

Is it possible to include additional procedures such as form assembly or packaging?

Yes, it is. It is possible to create different technological sequences as product’s technology part, which can be clearly displayed at the production hall.

While working od different projects Clients trust us with their documentation which is often confidential - is Prodio a safe solution?

We do our best safeguard your secrets – it is clear that the future of our business depends on it. 
In 90-95% of case, data in Prodio is more secure than saved locally:
– connections to web browser are encrypted,
– the server is located in one of the leading and best secured data centre in Europe,
in our company only two people have access to full data and they have financial liability,

–  together with security expets we request a paid simulations of hacking and breaking in to assess and update the level of security,

– separate server archives data few times a day.

We are ready to sign NDA agreement upon request of our regular Clients.

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