What’s the difference between a manager’s and shop floor view?

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    The primary differences between the two views in Prodio.

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    The manager’s view – essential functions

    When you log in as a manager, you can manage production orders, set a production schedule, and drag and drop to prioritise tasks. What’s more, you can create a database of your products, so the know-how and product knowledge stay inside the company, not only in the heads of critical employees. Information about your products (including photographs, drawings, and attachments) will become apparent, easy to understand, complete and always at hand. Each change made on the manager’s panel is visible in real-time on the shop floor. 

    With just a few clicks, you can create a production plan displayed via a web browser at the production hall in an easily accessible form from any place in the world.

    Your employees can see all assigned tasks and responsibilities and your comments and product characteristics. They know who should do each job, what is supposed to be done, and what time. Employees register their presence through a production scheduling panel using cards / RFID-based key fobs/ when they come to work. Also, they register the start / the end of the performed operation, indicate the current state, and add additional comments. Everything is in your account in just a few seconds to see all changes from the manager’s view.

    If you wish to share important news with your staff, you can add this information to tasks or use announcements. Your comments will be visible straight away in the shop floor view. 

    Sho floor view – essential functions? 

    You can clock in / clock out at work on the production dashboard.

    You can also pick the task assigned to you to start work on the production order.

    At the same time, you can see who is working and what they are doing from the manager’s view. Thanks to the right-side timeline, you know who clocked in and picked the assigned task.

    From the shop floor view, it is possible to pick the task and complete work by giving the number of ready-made items (including the number of faulty ones, with the reason for their defect). You can also clock out once you finish work for the day. Simultaneously in the manager’s dashboard, you can see all completed and ready tasks and check out from work. 

    It is impossible to make changes or drag and drop orders from the shop floor view. You can only do the tasks assigned to you by the manager. 

    Both views are synchronised via the Internet, so all you need is an inexpensive, second-hand computer and online connection on your shop floor. 

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    How to log into the shop floor view

    It is straightforward to log into the production dashboard – enter it in your browser. 


    There you will see both views. The shop floor view is on the right. You received the login and password in the email we sent straight after setting up your Prodio account. If you have any trouble finding it, there are also in the application. Go to Settings on the left side, then click Shop floor view. There you will see your password and log in.