Why might you be angry and upset after implementation of production management software

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    We keep in touch with our clients, especially in the first month or two after implementation of Prodio production management software. It’s the time when the most questions appear, so constant support is very important. Experiences of many companies show that sometimes they are frustrated or upset after introducing new manufacturing software. But why? They should be pleased as Prodio helps to solve many of their problems straight away. In this article we put together the most popular complaints from our clients. You might be surprised by them!   

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    Norms out of thin air

    Many of our clients start to panic after implementation of production management software, because they realize that the norms they’ve been using for so long are completely useless and unrealistic.  

    1. Some of the products, which they considered a slam dunk were underperforming (at least at the current pricing). For many months the company was making losses, unconsciously paying extra to these products, because the costs were calculated a long time ago, and did not include everything. 
    2. There is a second group of products which make money for the company. Nobody thought them so profitable, so they might have been undervalued. . 

    As a company owner you are naturally upset when you see how much money went down the drain over the years. Why didn’t you think about manufacturing software years ago?  Instead of making a hefty profit, the more orders you accepted, the busier you were, but there was not that much money coming. The implementation means a tough lesson: it’s high time to:

    • revise profitability of contracts/orders
    • set adequate pricing
    • include machine changeover time and setting up
    • prepare offers based on the calculation of the actual cost 
    • estimate and evaluate

    Promises made and now where am I?

    1. Once you enter all orders into your manufacturing software you can get a clear picture of how many projects you committed, and which of them are overdue. It might be terrifying to see the number of tasks and products you promised to deliver. When the projects were kept in different places (Excel spreadsheets, paper notebooks, emails, your notes) it was hard to get the scale of the problem. Now you have them in one system and it is really scary to see all looming deadlines.  
    2. Even when you use some kind of inventory or accounting software, it only shows the number of orders, without the clear indication how many items are in each of them. One order is shown as one item (even if it consists of multiple positions). In Prodio you see everything at a glance: orders with their status, time left, due dates and deadlines. That’s why company owners are horrified: how could we get so behind with things? Of course when you use the list of orders in production management software you can straight things step by step,catch up and make sure you never make the same mistakes.

    Time tracking and attendance

    Sometimes the implementation of production management software is postponed because of fear of the reaction of your team. What if the workers decide to quit? 

    1. It appears that people work better than you thought. They want to take pride in their job, show good quality, get praise, and see that their effort is recognized. Manufacturing software where all tasks are clear, priorities set and jobs assigned makes their work easier. If you won’t track every second of their time nor become a slave driver, you will have workers on your side very quickly. The atmosphere will improve, because it is clear who is responsible for which task, and each mistake is not automatically the worker’s fault.