CHRISTMAS NEWS IN PRODIO – The inventory and the new production plan !!!

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    Do you know what we have for you as a Christmas gift?

    A whole bag of Prodio gifts, and inside you can find:

    1. The long-awaited basic inventory module – now available in the BETA version, just in time for year-end inventories,
    2. New production plan – which you can also test now in the BETA version
    3. Two tools for better planning – Gantt chart and calendar (both as early test versions, fully functional until the end of January),
    4. New analyzes – early version (fully functional until the end of February),
    5. Regional settings and dozens of new small changes.

    Detailed plans and the function development schedule, and specific dates, can be found in individual modules’ descriptions. ?


    For your convenience, during development in a new version in the domain, it works in parallel to the version. All data saved in the old program version are automatically transferred to the new version and opposite. ?

    Instructions on how to log in to the new version

    In the browser, enter –

    Example: if your old address was, now you are logging in to!

    The login screen will appear (also in a new graphic design) – to login, and we use the same credentials as usual – for both the management and production panel.

    the new production plan

    New production plan with innovative Vue.js technology.

    Here is the new production plan in all its glory ?

    new production plan view

    How do you like the new version of the production plan written in VUE technology? 

    Ergonomic design to work faster:

    The new production plan is a refreshed appearance of the application (which will be transferred to all other tabs), which will make it more pleasant to use, and the whole thing will be even more functional.

    Super fast action:

    As part of the new rewriting into a new language, it was too possible to speed up the whole action:

    No more slow running of the program with a large amount of data and machines,


    There is no reloading every 60 seconds, which makes you work more efficiently. Each registration from production is visible immediately with many registrations from production; the lack of reloading does not burden computers, production. It allows a large number of employees to speed up registration.

    Advanced filtering:

    Appeared the possibility of advanced and quick filtering of orders on the production plan.

    new production plan view

    Extra comfortable viewing and modifying orders from the side menu:

    the new production plan option

    After clicking the order, we can go straight to edition, where we also see the last operations that were performed with the order, we can view the history of raw materials usage without refreshing the page.

    From the same place, we can also switch to the employee view, print the order, or manage its visibility.

    the new production plan and inventory

    New registration module from the production:


    All the news about what we write about is now available for production workers.

    Development versions of new get tools:

    Along with the new view of the production plan, we presented development versions (we are continually working on them):

    GANTT CHART for production planning.

    To work, it requires that the given order has a given start and stop date. Planned completion of works: January 31, 2021.

    the new production plan ok

    Calendar for production planning:

    To work, it requires that the given order has a given start and stop date. Planned completion of works: January 31, 2021.

    Analysis module for ongoing production supervision:

    Thanks to this module, you can arrange any analyzes on an ongoing basis – similarly to pivot tables in MS Excel.

    To action 28 January 2021.

    new production plan views

    Inventory module

    We are already giving you the basic version of the inventory module, which will be gradually developed with additional functionalities during the first quarter of 2021.

    What you can do now:


    Inventory tab:

    new production plan view

    You can check the inventory of raw materials with one click, compare with the actual demand and see what has already been ordered,


    Create and manage orders for individual raw materials that are needed in your production,

    Orders tab with suppliers

    new production plan view


    as well as create and manage orders for individual raw materials that are needed in your production.


    How will we develop this module soon?

     In the next – second stage, we plan to:

    • show the current consumption from production in the table with an inventory,
    • link the demand with orders from customers.

    We plan to add these features by the end of January.

    The third stage is being prepared for a great revolution – we will be rebuilding the entire list of orders in terms of the demand for raw materials. We give ourselves time for this until the end of the second quarter and the information on the list of orders regarding the delivery status.

    In the meantime, we will also work on the inventory of finished products and stock adjustment, a hint of how much to buy, what and when, minimum stocks, and we will introduce semi-finished products as primary elements.

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