Work times registration on production tasks

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Prodio View on production hall 

As you can see below, the view on production hall is different than from managers level. Basically, employees do not have permission to change anything in options. Their access to the program is very limited. Of course, you can give special rights to some employees, but we have a separate article about it 🙂 Everything what we enter from the manager level is visible on the production plan (all product descriptions, order and order details, production tasks, files, hyperlinks and images or photos). So that’s how it looks like for regular employee.

We base on the rule from the top to the bottom, which means: What is at the top must be done by the employee as a first thing.

How employees can register working time on production tasks?

How to finish work on production task?

It’s very easy and procedure is similar to working time registration.

And in the end it looks like that 🙂