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What you can see below is a complex history of your work. What is important – that by yourself you can set this table to be the most useful for you. You can do this by french key on the right side.

What is important, that you can drag the tiles which are important for you from the right side and swap them to the left. Then they will be visible and opposite. This, what is not important for you, you can hide it and swap it to the right. Here also, you can change how many rows you want to see per page.


As you can see, you can sort this table by assigned worker to the order, quantity, start time, stop time, note, tags, etc…

Efficiency here is expressed as a percentage and is marked on green or red.


For example you want to check all orders related to the “Doors” product:

or, you want to check all orders assigned to Rob

You can also use two criteria

Export operation history

By clicking export operation history – only selected data will be exported to Excel file.

and that’s how it looks like