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Account and analyze production

  • As a number of pieces made per hour (it’s quite typical for many products)
  • Time of making one piece – it’s quite typical when it takes more than an hour to make it. 
  • When you set an operation as “independent on the number of pieces made”, you can set the time of an order (minutes, hours) ex. project preparation 
  • Set machine setting time in minutes/hours

Why do you need to set norms ?

Thanks to norms you can real-time monitor products are being made whether employees can achieve all set standards. If you click the order on the production plan, you will not only see the table with its updated history, but also a percentage of norm achieved. 

If it exceeds estimated norms it highlights green, if it’s lower it will be displayed in red. From now on you can react straight away to change of work, have an access to historic data and clearly set norms while calculating and preparing an offer for your Client, which means that every next project will have updated product technology.

TIP  We were told, that employees, who saw the set norm on their desktop panels, instead of working more efficient, did only bare minimum, accordingly to the time set for a particular operation. Dependently on you salary system you can either show or hide the norm for production

Go to SETTINGS -> MAIN SETTINGS -> PRODUCTION PLAN ->Hide efficiency on production plan for workers

Where can I compare work with the set norm?

The analyses appears in summary of ORDER. Just click “magnifier – show details” and there will be a table with the analyses of working time and pieces made for the set norm. (Please note that this information will be visible after turning on option Show grouped by external order number)

You can also upload detailed data to EXCEL, as we prepared a special spreadsheet, where it’s possible to download all data from WORKING HISTORY