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What is a product in Prodio:

To put it simply a product can be anything you will add within orders and what your employees see on the list as a main task on the working plan.

Basically, first we have an order. Product is a part of it. Imagine that you have to construct an airplane ( in this meaning this exactly is our product). You can add few products on the section based on the left side marked red arrow as you can construct few different types of airplanes.


What can be a product in Prodio?

  • concrete thing f.e airplane among other types of air transport
  • concrete detail f.e engine, wings, seats, seat belts
  • service f.e. powder painting, cleaning
  • single element of more complicated device or machine f.e pretreatment, lathe

How to describe what a product should be?

  • What your employees at the production hall should know – what procedures are you going to delegate?
    • the best is the situation, when products in Prodio match the way you think about your production
    • if at present delegating different jobs you give “The kitchen for Mr.Smith”, it’s best to keep it this way, instead of dividing it into individual cupboards
  • Is a procedure repetitive or done only once:
    • separate products – it’s worth to set them as elements when:
      • you make them repeatedly, it’s worth to have them as products, because thanks to their saved technology each time you produce them you save time as operations load automatically
      • even if you make a product once only, but there are still many similar products, and their technology path is very long, it’s worth to considerusing “products” – because thanks to option “duplicate”, based on one template you can create many others similar
    • it’s worth to replace a product with the name of service provided, ex. a product named “Machine CNC” or “Powder coating”, instead of ex. “Gate coating 1000x1200x40”, when particular topics are always different – then you just add details in comments in order additional attributes
  • Whether a production technology attached to a product (so all operations a product goes through) can be useful in your daily work in the future


Duplicating product

When your production consists of many similar products , with the same technological path, you don’t need to waste time on entering each time the same data for each product. It is enough to create a product only once and then use a duplicate button. Afterwords, just update the name of a new product and data, if necessary.