Predecessors of operations

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You will see how thanks to the new function you can improve production planning, communication with / between employees and introduce the basics of work scheduling.  When the same thing needs to go through few machines in a sequence, how we can know if we can start exact production task? By predecessors of operations. It’s very useful when you have a lot of orders, operations, production tasks or you have your production on different production halls. Your employees do not have to check if they can start to work on exact machine, everything is visible in one place.

How do the predecessors of operations work?

The orders for which the previous operation (the order has not been completed) are automatically marked on the plan with a dark color. For example, as long as the operator on the milling machine does not finish work, the grinding operation employees will see orders for this product with a dark background. In addition to the dark color marking, an employee in another hall / operation sees at what stage the previous operation is and how much has already been done (e.g. whether he can not go to the first piece from the milling machine to start grinding it).


When employee finishes  work on given machine, he needs to click his production task and type his PIN code or RFID card and how many pieces he made.


How to set up predecessors of operation?

You can manually set predecessors of operation. It’s useful when you want everything (all production tasks) to be done on exact machine and then start production tasks on another machine. In this case you need to edit  exact production task and then you see option to set predecessor manually.

The predecessor view can be turned on and off at any time – even in the switched off view, the default execution order is saved with each new planned product with supplemented technology.
The predecessor view is turned on / off in the side panel or in the main settings of the program.
How do the predecessors record ?
1) If you have the your technology set for the product
When you place an order on the production plan, for the created production orders, the predecessors are automatically saved in the order of the machines you added in the production technology.
What is important, if the operation passes multiple times, the program will automatically queue work according to the order of technology.
2) If you do not have the technology set for the planned product
You can manually set what is the predecessor of each order by going to Edit orders and then expanding the “Predecessor” list.
Useful questions and answers
Q: Is it possible to change the order of operations for products with technology after work scheduling?
A: YES – by entering the order edition you can freely change what predecessor should be.
Q: Is it possible to set an operation from another product as a predecessor (because, I want to group it by tools)?
A: YES – the predecessor can be any order on the production plan.
Q: Can you have predecessors for orders scheduled before February 28, 2018?
A: YES – Automatic addition of predecessors to operations is performed only from the introduction of this function to Prodio, however, for orders planned before this period, you can manually enter the predecessor by entering the order edition.
Q: Can an employee start an operation for which the predecessor did not end?
A: YES – he can start, you will still see a dark background, but with a flashing implementation mark and an assigned employee.
Q: Do predecessors work for operations in various production halls?
A: YES – they work between different halls (Production panels) and very much improve communication.