Permission levels

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Why should you use Prodio permission levels?
Along with the development of the company, the number of employees increases. Until now, the problem was that by giving manager access, you were giving access to the entire account.
Case study:
During the production of plastics, it often turned out that due to the failure of individual injection molding machines, it was necessary to reschedule orders for other machines. Previously, the only solution was to provide the foreman with the manager’s dashboard with full access to all company data. Now you can assign him the “foreman” level, in which he will be able to make changes in the production plan and correct mistakes made by employees on an ongoing basis, but he will not be able to see other data in the system.
  How is it working?
In the edition of the “Settings” – Users menu, you can assign a position that a given user has in the company, and therefore what elements of the program should be seen.