How to increase production control by RFID?

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RFID readers will help you to monitor your production better and faster register tasks by your employees. The technical benefits of RFID create the basis for real business benefits. When there’s less risk of errors and when there’s real-time information about how the asset is being used and where it’s located, RFID can increase the efficiency of processes and save money.

What do you need?

  • Any RFID reader (USB with keyboard and “enter” emulation)

It sounds as some kind of engineering operation, but in fact it is the most popular RFID readers standard, and even though there are many different models available on the market, it would be hard to get one below this standard.

TIP:  For your convenience the whole kit:  tested with Prodio readers + cards / key-fobs you can order FROM US / or get as a bonus with your annual subscription package.

  • Cards/key-fobs/RFID stickers

The situation is analogical to choice of readers, there are only to standards RFID 125kHz / NFC (depending on a reader you choose).  125kHz readers are cheaper, but fully workable and enough. NFC readers are a good choice if you wish to register production using a smartphone.

TIP: When choosing your kit, think which one would be more convenient and safer (ex. neck key leash isn’t suitable for someone leaning over machines. Our favourites are: key-fob + SKIPASS holder or silicone hand band).

How to set up registration at the production hall?

  • Assign cards/key-fobs to employees
  1. Connect a card reader to a computer (where you have your manager’s account opened).  99% of USB readers install automatically.
  2. Assign cards / key-fobs to particular employees.

 And put a card to the reader. The software should read a code from the card and you take you back to the list. Optionally: sign a card with a marker before giving it to an employee.

Now, you can connect your reader to a computer with opened production module and…. it works, doesn’t it?

TIP: we recommend using the newest version of Google Chrome browser.

Manual for the employees.

Check-in / check-out  registration:

An employee chooses on the production plan CHECK-IN  or CHECK-OUT button

Without choosing anything in particular, an employee nears their card to the reader. Check in/ check out has been registered

TIP: In case an employee wished to leave comments regarding their early leave or lateness, we recommend to use manual registration with PIN code.


 Start work / Finish operation on a particular machine

An employee chooses a production order they wish to produce / finish  at the particular machine / working station. After opening an order view, without choosing anything in particular, they near their card to the reader. Start of work has been registered or the software recognizes, that this particular employee was working on the order and shows a production registration view. After entering parameters, the employee clicks STOP. TIP: In case of some older versions of Internet browsers, the computer might block reading the cards – it is enough to click RFID symbol and try once again to near the card to the reader.

Questions and answers


Q: Is it possible to use both PIN number and card system to log in?

A: Yes, it is – the most important is to choose a system which suits your company best.

Q:What if an employee forgets their card?

A: They will be able to log in manually, by entering their PIN code.


Q: What if an employee loses / damages their card?

A: You will issue a new card / key-fob, registering them in the system beforehand, the same as if it was the first registration. It will not affect working history in any way, etc.

Q: In our company there is already working time registration system / access control system based on RFID key-fobs – can the same key-fobs be used in Prodio?

A: Of course, there aren’t any contraindications – just register in Prodio currently used cards.