How to divide products into batches in order?

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If the order for a given product is divided into several batches and we want to mark it in the program, we can do it in two ways:
Option 1:
In the left menu select the Orders tab
This order in which we want to divide products into a batch, click the rack on the right and select the option Plan

Then, in the  “To Do” column, enter how many products you want in the first batch. In addition, for ease of use, we can add a tag that means exact batch.

In the next step, we repeat the operation for the next batch:

After creating the batch order, the production plan view will look like this:


Option 2

When we create an order, we choose the same product as many times as we plan – by entering the appropriate quantity. If we are ready, click “Create order”.

Once we have created the order, we must now plan it.

When planning the order, we can easily set tags that will help identify on the production plan which order is assigned to a specific batch.


After creating an order in this way, orders marked with tags will be visible on the production plan: