Check occupancy – Employee or machine

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Checking the availability of machines and employees as part of the production plan and improved planning prompts 🙂 you no longer have to worry that you have planned two different production orders on one machine or for one employee at the same time. Thanks to the new “Check occupancy” option, your production management program will check for double occupancy. All you have to do is press the button “Check Occupancy”, which will check the progress of work at the same time for one worker or one machine.

What can the “Check occupancy” function check:

Have you uploaded more than one production order to a given machine or operation at the same time?
Have you not planned more than one job for a given employee at the same time?
Is the next operation in technology:
-does not start earlier than its predecessor,
-does not end earlier than its predecessor,
-the program accepts situations where two operations are running in parallel or when the second operation starts with a slight delay and ends in parallel with the first.
Machine occupancy is also visible next to the machine’s name:
Different way to check machine occupancy and how to check employee occupancy
Workers occupancy
Machines occupancy