Additional products and orders parameters

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Additional product’s parameters

Depending on the type of your business, you need to collect all the most important informations about the products. Here you can precise them, and our programme allows you to complete it. It works on a form basis to type manually.

What can be used as a attribute?


  • Colour
  • Thickness
  • link
  • Form number
  • Vulcanization time
  • Tension
  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Number
  • Temperature
  • Working pressure

Where are the additional product parameters visible?

  • On the order form
  • On the production plan
  • In the order table

How to add additional product parameter?


Another way to create additional field


Now we have an additional field for each product, and the entered parameters are displayed on the “product screen”.

How to group additional fields to be more clear?

In case of big number of additional attributes (fields which you can define), there may be a problem with their transparent organization, then you should consider grouping them into readable lists.


This, what you add in Attributes field…

appears here 🙂