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Simple production manufacturing software to manage production in injection molding industry – plastic and synthetics material production.

You probably heard many times: what can be hard in producing “a piece of something”? A common layperson would have no idea, how many years of experience and know-how are behind your work, and which problems can cause even a tiny mistake in production management at injection molding manufacture.

With margins, as little as 1 cent per piece being impressive, production planning in injection molding manufacture is a key element, where a  tiny glitch in parameters, unsuitable material or an incorrect mold assembly can jeopardize the profit of the whole order.

In your industry-trusted us and helped to develop software with their know-how to suit your branch perfectly: producers of synthetics elements for many different sectors, but first and foremost for the automotive industry. 


Simple scheduling and calculation at injection moulding manufacture

Check how many hours upfront your injection moulding machines are occupied.


Thanks to set norms for products, you can see clearly how many hours upfront particular injection moulding machines are occupied – the time is updated, as employees enter the system, the number of pieces made.

Do you wish to estimate the time of changeovers/form replacement? – it’s a great idea, and it can be quickly added to the production plan.

A clear working plan for injection moulding machines, so your employees would know what to do, without any questions

One employee can work on many injection mould machines without a problem.

Thanks to planning orders for particular machines, it is possible to indicate who is working and set a perfect production plan – to avoid unplanned downtime or hold up in tasks assigned.

… finally you are able to organize your INVALUABLE KNOW-HOW

Each newly hired employee happens to repeat the same mistakes, and you are forced to deal with them on and on again. Have you wasted materials worth thousands of euros, because of mistakes easily avoided if people had the right knowledge?

From now on, your invaluable company know-how can stay – all parameters are in the software, together with photographs of potential faults, places requiring special attention and everything which can help you to improve the quality of your products. See, how to enter additional parameters.

If you want to improve the working process – you can attach photographs and guidelines regarding mould assembly.

Simplify your “ISO 9001”, impress auditors and shorten training time

Thanks to Prodio oyu don’t have to worry about ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements. You can throw away many forms, cards of products and paper orders – you have got it all in computer system, where employees can give information about incompatible products, material identification, etc.

What’s more, there is a possibility to attach PDF manuals and controls, as well as photographs of potential defects, hence you don’t have to repeat the same for each new employee as it’s already in the system. Your quality system will be more and more maintenance-free, as the rules become effective. See, how to upload a photograph or PDF file. 

Thanks to these improvements you will be able to impress auditors preparing certification and outshine others during Clients audits.

What are you waiting for ?!

We know- you have virtually no time to spare, chaos at the production is ypur constant worry, but don't put your decission off- it's a vicious circle. Start today, not tomorrow and make your work take less work. We promise, together we can get your production to the next level!

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Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Assign employees and their shift number to orders lasting more then a couple of days

In your industry, there is sometimes one operator working on two or more machines, so to make it clearer, apart from the order of tasks:

You perfect products database

From now on your company whole know-how can be finally stored – all parameters are going straight into software

1. In Settings (Settings – Additional boxes), such as ex. mould number, mould temperature, injection time / vulcanisation, degassing times, number of connectors.

2. Add to a product in form of attachment photographs of example defects (complaints based), as well as photographic documentation of moulds assembly on particular machines.

3. In product technology set machines, which the product is made on, and their respective norms.

4. When you produce the same product in various colours – add them as tags to operations, to be clearly visible on the production plan.

Organize molds marking and preparatory processes

When you create additional boxes for the product make sure you create a box with MOULD NUMBER, and to number it use their products ID from Prodio or from 1 to 100 and so on.

When you organize mould assembly operations on machines, it’s worth marking them as additional operations (SETTINGS), because:

  • you can learn real-times and costs of changeovers,
  • you can attach photographic documentation and manuals for your assembly employees to optimize the whole process further.

Short-list with other suggested settings and useful tricks in production management:

What is best to write down and set as “product” in Prodio:

A given detail, together with its production technology. The following details can be added based on a copy of that first one.

Production plan – what can you set as machines / operations?

Particular injection moulding machines – best in the order they are placed at the production hall. You can also add quality control or breaking off.

Production plan – tips regarding displaying  and planning

Machine order should mirror their placement at the production hall. In announcements, you can let employees know who is working, which shift.

Additional boxes worth adding for your industry:

For the product:
– mould number,
– machine’s program number,
– temperature,
– injection time,
– comments on mould assembly,
– comments on product control.

Additional TAG-s at the production hall and in the product categories

Shifts  (ex. morning, afternoon, night)

Frequently asked questions in injection moulding in injection moulding industry

Is it possible for one operator to work on many machines at the same time?

Yes, it is. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to register production in your industry.

Is it possible to include additional operations such as mould assembly or packaging?

Yes, it is. In product technology you can create such technological paths, and your employees at the production hall can see it clearly.

While working od different projects Clients trust us with their documentation which is often confidential - is Prodio a safe solution?

We do our best safeguard your secrets – it is clear that the future of our business depends on it.
In 90-95% of case, data in Prodio is more secure than saved locally:
– connections to web browser are encrypted,
– the server is located in one of the leading and best secured data centre in Europe,
in our company only two people have access to full data and they have financial liability,

–  together with security expets we request a paid simulations of hacking and breaking in to assess and update the level of security,

– separate server archives data few times a day.

We are ready to sign NDA agreement upon request of our regular Clients.

Start now!
Try Prodio without any commitments - you have 14 days to check all of its functions in practice. After your trial period ends you can simply leave your account or continue work as our Client. Would you prefer to talk? Don't hesitate and call us from 9:00 am to 5 pm !
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