Prodio helps Small Manufacturers to Survive the Coronavirus Epidemic

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    Over the past few days, many of you have contacted us being concerned about their small manufactures and the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic to their business.

    We’re committed to taking care of our Clients and would like to take action to help them avoid heavy losses.

    This is why we decided to support all Clients by offering them:

    • 50% reduction of their monthly subscription for 3 months (it applies to monthly invoices issued between 1.04.2020 and 30.06.2020. for the companies which subscribed before the 1.04.2020.)
    • For those who purchased annual packages, they should find their subscriptions prolonged for 2 months with no additional fee required (all annual packages purchased before the 1.04.2020.).
    • Individual solutions for companies in crisis (we will find a suitable one for you regarding payments, dates, the number of employees hied at the production hall,  just give us a call). The details you will receive in a separate email.

    In fast-moving and uncertain situations, we all face questions to which we may not even have answers, hoping to return, as soon as possible, to cyclical economic normality.

    We’ve always taken great pride in customizing our software and as the aid offered might not be sufficient for everybody, please contact us for an individual consultation.

    If you consider becoming our Client but are anxious to purchase a subscription due to an unstable economic situation, please contact us to receive a tailored offer, and bonus opportunities. We will be surely able to find a more flexible solution which would prove to be more beneficial for your manufacture in this time of crisis.


    We want you to know that health and safety is our first priority. That’s why our team continues to work remotely and is always ready to address any of your concerns.

    Businesses should be preparing themselves for volatility this year, but we hope that a supportive approach and increasing the presence of online culture will enable us to shift manufacturing strategies in the upcoming months. 

    Stay safe and healthy.


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