Five reasons you delay the implementation of Prodio because you want to be a perfectionist.

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    We would like to raise the issue of “procrastination” and tell you why you regularly postpone the implementation. It is often the case that we put things off because they require some effort even though we would benefit from getting them done or receive substantial benefits in the future. We still want to achieve something, but the vision of effort and commitment stops in our tracks.

    1. All or nothing

    The first reason you put off the implementation is your holistic attitude. You may think: “all or nothing”. The introduction must be perfect; the whole process will probably take a few months and will be a tenuous effort. That’s why it’s tempting to put these actions on hold indefinitely. 

    You are considering Prodio implementation; rather than how you can improve your company’s performance. Hence you concentrate on the wrong aspects: instead of focusing on benefits, shop floor control and progress tracking. As a result, you see only problems, not benefits. 

    It is important to say: that you don’t have to spend 8 hours a day changing your company or adjusting your new software. All you need to do is have the plan to spend about one hour a day implementing a new solution. And gradually, in little steps, you’ll get to know it and “make friends” with Prodio.

    2. High standards

    The second reason for delays is that you’re too harsh on yourself. The bar is raised high. Introducing a production management program is a process. Still, it’s much more fun and way faster than ERP systems. People have bad experiences with ERP consultants because they must schedule meetings in advance and wait their turn. It does take longer, and the lack of flexibility explains a negative attitude: You are sure something will go wrong. But it doesn’t have to be always like that. Production planning can be done in an easy way.

    3. Why so late?

    You may regret the fact that you introduced the program so late. However, suppose you started with Prodio today. In that case, you could use your analysis after one month and take production efficiency under the magnifying glass. The faster you deploy the program, the sooner you see which products are most profitable and which processes can be improved. In addition, you will know how long all manufacturing activities take, which can be improved, optimised, and what is best avoided. Finally, you will see which products are most popular and which appear to have some defects. This will help you avoid costly corrections and complaints in the future.

    4. Bad experience

    The fourth thing is that you are afraid of failure. For most manufacturing companies, investing a lot of money and ending up with nothing is not an option. 

    Some of our customers have a terrible experience with other programs, such as moduled ERP, or so-called customised solutions. Maybe your colleague shared with you such a story. Suppose he had to wait a long time to meet with the ERP consultant who collected the data, which took months to be analysed and entered into the program. All this time he was waiting, nothing happened apart from the big promises. And you don’t have time or money to spare. In Prodio, we work fast. You can take control of your shop floor and launch the program in just a few minutes. With our help, step-by-step, you set everything up in the next few days, and you’ll see the results in the first week.

    5. Fear of confrontation

    You are afraid of confrontation with the truth. On the surface, things look good, but if you dig deeper, it might turn out that you live in a glass bubble. For example, your workshop uses more raw materials than expected, and your products are unprofitable. 

    Nevertheless, if you gather accurate production data, you shouldn’t be afraid of confrontation. When you know your problems, you can address them and make changes to optimise your production.

    By all these excuses, your motivation decreases, and you do not start the implementation process. Manufacturing MES is your Holy Grail. The vision of a successful business is postponed, and you play catch-up all the time. Our job in Prodio is to help you ease this process. We will be delighted if you allow us to do so.