plan produkcji

Easy to use production planning and calculation- software created for small manufacturers.

If you are tired of complicated ERP production systems and you are looking for a user friendly software to plan your production, monitor and calculate everything with ease, we have something ideal for you.

Planowanie produkcji - widok planu produkcji.

Online production planning 
– regain control.

From any place in the world with just a few clicks you can create a production plan, which is displayed via web browser at the production hall in easily accessible form.

Your employees can see clearly all assigned tasks and responsibilities, together with your comments and product characteristics. They know who should do each task, what exactly is suppossed to be done and in what time.  

Employees register production 
– so you can see what is happening.

Employees through an easy online template register the start / the end of the performed operation,  indicate the current state and add extra comments. You know work history, working times and efficiency – like in MES systems .

Everything is in your account, in just a few seconds. What’s more you can check the amount of raw materials used and prevent deficiencies.

Rejestracja produkcji ( widok hali produkcyjnej ) - MES
Rozliczanie produkcji - widok historii pracy z systemu MES Prodio

Calculation and production operational analysis, 
– increase productivity.

Transform collected data into increase in profits of your company, learn about real production time, employees performance and efficiency,  total production time.

Generated data can be also used accordingly with ISO 9001 requirements, or exported to MS Excel files.

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Straight away you get a complete access to all functions, so you can fully test the program at your facility. You don't have to leave you company data or telephone number- it's enough to provide your e-mail address.
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The list of orders plan ahead.

Thanks to a clear table you can regain control over orders knowing what, for whom and when should be ready.

Moreover you stay up to date with deadlines, and you can precisely determine at which stage is given order.

Registration of working time
– no more lateness.

If you wish to increase the level of control in your company, you can use check in and check out employees registration system.

The employees can register their presence at work througha production planning panel using cards / RFID-based key fobs. You can export this data to human resources programs.

Rejestracja czasu pracy (RCP) - za pomocą breloczków RFID
Program produkcyjny - technologia produktu (karta produktu)

Products database 
so the know-how and product knowledge can stay inside the company.

The more you use Prodio – the greater technology of products is created; thanks to that a training process for new employees will be easier, faster, and the knowledge will stay in the company.

Information about your products (including photographs, drawings, attachments) will become clear, easy to understand, complete and always at hand.

“Prodio saves work and optimizes production.”

Piotr Kopczyński

Chairman, Flexin Sp. z o.o.

Today Prodio is essential for managing production in the company .”

Mikołaj Skowroński

Manager company, Horyzont Sp. J.

My employees cannot imagine life without Prodio.”

Marek Barczak

Managing, FixingSystem Sp. z o.o.

Mobile access 
so you can always have your production at hand.

Everything can be accessed from any place in the world (even form the beach) through your mobile phone or  tablet. What’s more all you need to set up this system at the production hall is a computer with web brower and voila!

Dostęp mobilny do programu produkcyjengo