Production management software to manage production of elastomer goods

Probably you heard it many times: “how hard can producing a rubber oring could be”… An average layperson has no idea about many years of know-how behind your production and a huge responsibility for the products you make.

Each, even tiny, inaccuracy of parameters at the press, incorrect mould lay or every small mistake, result in waste of energy, time and expensive sillicone material. The worst case scenario would be if the faulty batch gets to a Client…

In Prodio we know exactly what you need in your industry, to manage production better because it’s where in 2016 we created the first version of software. You are welcome to use our experience instead of reinventing the wheel.

In your industry trusted us, brought their know-how and helped to develop the software to suit your needs even better: Producers of rubber and silicone products, with 3 to 82 employees at the production hall, making goods for:

  • automotive industry
  • gas and plumbing installation systems
  • technical sealing / orings of various types
  • metal elements gumming
  • sealing / felt pads, foams, PTFE production

On top of that Prodio helps in tool shops (internal or recommended by contractors)

Simple production planning and calculation for elastomer goods producers.

See, how many hours upfront a particular press is occupied

Thanks to using norms for your products, you can see clearly how many hours upfront a particular press is occupied – the status gets updated as the employees give the number of pieces finished.

It’s a good idea to include in the production plan changeovers / mould change.  

Clear production plan for presses, so the employees would always know what to do, without constant questions

One employee works on several presses – it isn’t a problem. Thanks to planning orders for particular machines, and indicating who is responsible for a particular order, you can make a production plan tailored perfectly for your company, so nobody would stand idly by, waiting to be assigned a task, with the production put on hold until you finish this process. 

…finally organize your precious KNOW-HOW

Each new employee means, that the same mistakes are repeated and you have to solve the same old problems. You have already wasted a few thousand euros in raw materials, because of mistakes, which could have been easily avoided if only people remembered and there was a proper database of knowledge.

From now on all company know-how finally stays – parameters are in the software, together with photographs of potential defects, elements requiring special attention, to further improve the quality.

If you strive for perfection – you can attach photographs and manuals regarding mould assembly.

Tips and tricks, how to adjust your new production management software

Your perfect products database

From now on all of your company’s know-how finally stays – as parameters are in the software

1. In Settings (Settings – Additional boxes), such as ex. mould number, mould temperature, degassing times, number of slots.  (see how to do it – click)

2. As attachements to a product add photographs of example defects (based on complaints), as well as photographic documentation of mould mounting on machines.

3. In technology of product set machines, which are used to make it – with their production norms. 

4. When you produce goods in a few colors – add them as tags to an operation, so they would be visible on the production plan straight away.

Assign employees and add a shift number to orders completed in a few days time 

It often happens, that in your industry one operator works on several machines, so to make production plan even clearer, apart from the order of tasks it is recommended to: 

  • add to each order an employee, who is responsible,
  • set as colored TAGs, which elements should be made during which shift,
  • in Announcements let people know which shift they work.

Organize mould marking and preparatory processes 

Once you create additional boxes for products, it is a must to create a box with a NUMBER OF MOULD, then number moulds accordingly to Pr