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    Logos are everywhere – anyplace you look. Visual representations of different brands surround us. A company logo is a symbol of a company’s identity, and it usually consists of a character or brand mark, a logotype, and a tagline. However, the best logos offer more than simple identification: they create customers’ first impression of a company and help it stand out from its competitors. They send a message about the company’s values, build brand loyalty and professional appearance.

    In this article, we will show you how production management software is consistent with the visual identification of your company. It can quickly improve the image of your manufacturing business with the help of one simple feature and your company logo. There are even more possibilities of incorporating your brand visuals into the system. And the list of benefits for your company is quite long.   

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    Significance of logo and identification

    Some company logos convey a message with no words or explanation required; others are fun or memorable. That’s why many small business owners take weeks inventing the company name and later spend hours pondering over its perfect visual representation: a logo. Over time customers learn to associate the logo with a particular product or service. For example, when you’re live streaming on your laptop, chances are you’ll see the Apple logo. It might seem like a company logo — but really it’s integral to what makes their products special and an important part of how they identify themselves.

    The meaning behind a logo informs the audience of what your brand is all about. After the connection is established, it is easier for any company to retain loyal customers. It goes hand in hand with building a marketing strategy that includes, for example, email outreach. A good logo is a cornerstone of your brand – that’s a lot of responsibility! Consider your logo as one of the tasks in a marketing strategy calendar to tick off.

    Company logotypes, brand colours, and typography used on the production floor, printed on t-shirts, documents, in IT systems are there not only for the benefit of your customers. From the evolutionary point of view, we like to belong to some tribe, identify as a part of a group. Logo creates a magic bond between the workers and the company. So it makes more sense that when your workers use daily manufacturing software, they should identify with your brand, not with some random ERP system producer and its logo. This is the case of the context in which the logo is used. 

    That’s why it is essential to think about when and where the logo will be applied. Apart from the usual places where we expect to see logos (online, on business cards, in storefronts, advertising and print), some businesses might have specific needs. 

    How much apple is in the Apple?

    Many logos, especially famous symbols, have a deeply rooted meaning hidden in or behind the graphic. When you see an apple with a bite taken out of its right side, even when you don’t own any Apple products, you can still recognize this logo. There are many urban myths regarding its origin. For example, the bite mark represents the apple of knowledge from the Garden of Eden. Others refer to Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree when a falling fruit-inspired his theory of gravity or Alan Turing’s (father of computer science and artificial intelligence) suicide committed by biting a cyanide-laced apple. The truth is that the logo is in the shape of an apple because the company is named Apple. The bite mark is only there to give the logo scale — otherwise, people might confuse it for a cherry. However, Steve Jobs, the company’s founder, understood the critical need of our minds: we like good stories, which give us straightforward explanations, and we want to know where the things come from.

    Branding other products you use in your business

    To grow and run a small company smoothly, sooner or later, you come to a point when you need to purchase some products such as furniture, stationery, electronic equipment, various software, to name just a few. By then, you have spent months or years building your business. Hopefully, your brand’s logo, name and graphics serve their most fundamental function: differentiate your company from other companies, provide information for customers, communicate the industry you exist in, describe the service you provide, etc. 

    The last thing you want is your logo with the whole brand identity being replaced by the logo of, i.e. software service provider. What would your clients say when the packaging label or pallet ID has unknown typography or image? What a waste of time you invested in creating connections with them and building brand loyalty. 

    Building the identity of a manufacturing company with manufacturing software

    In some industries more than in others, the story behind the company, the stability, the trust built over the years is more important than the competitive pricing or fancy offices.

    For example, when you commit to new kitchen cabinets, you want to be sure that they will be delivered on the date you agreed with the manufacturing company, in the right size and colour. 

    Convenience and trust are significant parts of your branding. It’s about what you promise the customer. This is a touch and buy factor. 

    That’s why the choice of services and products you include in your business, i.e. manufacturing software, is crucial. You need to trust your provider, so your customers will trust you. This creates a chain of mutual reliability.

    Three benefits of the manufacturing software with customizable identity   

    Using some production management software is non-negotiable when you want to develop and get to the next level in your manufacturing company. 

    Let’s say that you picked a new order, and it doesn’t have to be a large one, just a standard job for your business. When you use simple manufacturing software, such as Prodio, you can enter the new order in the system and schedule it with a few swipes on your phone or tablet. Even when you are on location, in your customer’s office, in their house, settling the order over a cup of coffee – it doesn’t matter. The point is that the order is in the system, and your workers can proceed as soon as you enter it while you are still away from the workshop. 

    The competition on the market is harsh these days, and many of your customers are attracted to bespoke goods or services, lured by the individual approach your company offers.

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    Branding manufacturing software with your logotypes

    The first opportunity to tailor the experience for your customers, auditors, and clients in Prodio presents itself very quickly: you can upload files and documents, photos, and technical drawings to make sure your customers are treated as individuals with great care offered the best quality of service.

    Your very own database of products and services

    Intelligent manufacturing software can help you retain company knowledge built over time, so you can reduce the number of faulty products and improve communication. Mistakes do happen, but it is good to learn from them to avoid repeating the same ones in the future. Production management software will not solely rely on someone’s experience or skills. Of course, some complaints are legitimate and reasonable. Still, you cannot be too careful, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

    Professional look above all

    Last but not least, surely you want to get recognized as a reliable company, get positive reviews, and more business, as word of mouth does wonder for your marketing and having a well-established position on the local market. 

    Maybe it is an unimportant detail for others. Still, you indeed agree that it would be nice to have something customized with your brand at your production hall, not someone else’s. 

    That’s why in Prodio, we added this excellent feature. You can put your company logo instead of the default Prodio name and enjoy the benefits of personalized software! Not only your dashboard will be customized, but you can print pallet IDs and labels with your very own logotype.

    We are sure that you see that professional look’s benefits, even if you run a small garage workshop. Auditors and your clients will be positively surprised, and the ability to have your brand incorporated is priceless.