AN UPDATE: extended daily report from the shop floor, a new view of the work history, and manufacturing tasks tabs

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    We know how important it is for you to measure efficiency clearly and transparently to have a summary of daily activities in one report, taking into account the most important indicators, and just know if you are making a decent profit and the business pays off. With the March update, we decided to introduce several new features to make your work easier.

    #1 Extended daily report from the shop floor


    Your comments and suggestions are very important to us – we have collected them for a long time and decided to refresh the daily report from the shop floor by adding a few new indicators and changing the graphic design – to make it more readable for you.

    There were also a lot of queries about the possibility of printing such a report – we added this option in the update!

    At the end of the day, we know that the registered quantity of manufactured items is important as to whether there were any non-compliant products during each shift.

    It is good to have such information at hand, and it is best to have “one-click” access to know how long someone worked on a particular order, how much time he spent on the break, and what their productivity was.

    Along with the update, we also give you the opportunity to view a summary of working time and efficiency by machine/operation and a complete working history.

    What are the benefits?

    • daily reports are essential for efficient management, as they allow you to monitor employees’ working time and track production progress in real-time; 
    • possibility of daily monitoring of your shop floor, which allows a quick response to possible problems or shortcomings (e.g., a too large proportion of non-compliant products, low productivity of workers); 
    • the workers’ productivity and efficiency monitoring option will allow you to take appropriate corrective action;
    • ability to analyze trends and make decisions based on reliable data;
    • an accessible form of presentation of data – clear graphs, values expressed in percentages;
    • you can either print the report or download it as a PDF file. 

    How does it work?

    The data that workers record on the shop floor is copied into the Work history tab and the report is created from this data. You can access it from the Work history tab, the Production schedule, and the Additional analyzes tab, which you will find on the left side of the Menu.

    Watch this video to learn more about the report:

    #2 New work history tab 


    For your convenience, we have rewritten this tab with a new technology, which allows you to move faster between individual tabs and smoothly move to other parts of the applications associated with this entry.

    What are the benefits?

    In addition to the refreshed view of this tab, we have added several functionalities that will affect the convenience of using Prodio, among others are: 

    • only entries that contain non-compliant products can be displayed;
    • block the first two columns with the task number and the external order number you use to identify; 
    • adding an icon in the actions that will allow “at first glance” to check if any changes were made on that specific list;  
    • ability to catch which actions are “in progress” thanks to the “show only open” function;
    • possibility of printing labels and pallet cards with  already completed data straight from the table;
    • a much clearer edit entry; 
    • a more extensive format for adding a manual entry in the work history allows one to complete 100% of the missing record (with missing files, etc.). In addition, you can see whether the entry has been added manually or is due to the collection of data from the shop floor;
    • the ability to reset the entry with one click – it will no longer be necessary to change the number of pieces to 0 and the working time to the same value – one click will do everything; 
    • possibility to create predefined values for deficiencies – both the reasons for deficiencies and the solution of deficiencies. 

    How does it work?

    We have prepared a video for you, which tells about the full functionality of this tab – if you are interested in something specific, select a bookmark in the video and go to the appropriate place.

    #3 New manufacturing tasks tab 


    As in the case of Work history, we have rewritten this tab with a new technology, which will allow you to edit the manufacturing task from one place, view the Work history, or look at the entire order.

    What are the benefits?

    • possibility of completing the manufacturing task from Manager’s view – useful in case someone forgot to log out;
    • the visible predecessor of the operation – you see the status of the predecessor of the given manufacturing task and at what stage it is. You no longer have to check it on the production schedule – everything is in the table!
    • lock the column with the status and task number – for your convenience; 
    • the ability to move up or down the list from the level of tasks’ table – without the need to use drag&drop on the production schedule;
    • immediately visible number of deficiencies to the items completed at the given manufacturing task;
    • Summaries directly in the app, without having to download data to Excel: the cost of tasks, the planned time (which will allow you to check the queue of operations on the machine, for example, in a specific week).

    As you can see, Prodio is constantly changing: We are rewriting the modules with the help of the latest technology so that using the software is even more convenient, intuitive, and simple. We also regularly introduce new functionalities that you ask for on the chat, and each update is the result of the fact that we are in constant contact, so we develop Prodio together.